Police attended a home birth in western Neuquén

Police attended a home birth in western Neuquén
Police attended a home birth in western Neuquén

The officers quickly went to the scene after receiving information that there was a woman in labor at the house. However, the birth was quick. When they arrived, the child had already been born, so the police worked to contain the situation and clamped the umbilical cord, with the aim of guaranteeing the health of both until medical assistance arrived.

A few minutes later, and after being summoned by the Police, an ambulance arrived at the scene and took the 28-year-old woman and the baby to the Heller hospital. “The baby, a boy, is in good health, he is in the neonatology area of ​​the hospital,” the commissioner explained.

The details of the birth

Although the officers did not investigate the reasons why the family did not go to the health center, they considered that all situations are different and that the most important thing was to provide the necessary first aid to protect the health of the baby and his mother. Thus, even when police officers do not have specific training to assist in childbirths, they are prepared to do “whatever is necessary” depending on each emergency.

After the intervention of the personnel of Police Station 16, the Police contacted hospital officials, who indicated that the family was well and had received the necessary care at that health center in the west of the city of Neuquén.

SFP Hospital Heller guard

Sebastian Fariña Petersen

Muñoz clarified that the agents’ actions were swift and in a climate of tension, since the woman who called them requesting help when she was surprised by the contractions. Therefore, there was no time for photos or to celebrate the birth of the baby. However, he highlighted the work of the crew who arrived quickly aboard the patrol vehicle and who were able to guarantee the health of a newborn.

The Neuquén police officers usually intervene in different family emergencies based on the calls they receive to 101. In many cases, parents come in desperation when their young children cannot breathe, which is why there were numerous cases of officers who performed heroic acts when save the lives of the infants of Neuquén.

However, there are also some situations in which police officers become temporary midwives. Last year, the staff of Police Station 18 attended a home birth, and something similar also happened in 2021, also in the same area of ​​western Neuquén.

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