Article: Presentation of the Friendship Medal to Beata Karon, president of the Friends of Cuba Solidarity Association in Poland

Taken from Always with Cuba.

Warsaw, June 17, 2024.

The headquarters of the Workers’ Party (Unia Pracy), on June 14, was a favorable space to honor the support provided by the Polish solidarity movement to Cuba. On that occasion, the “Friendship Medal” was awarded to Beata Karon, current President of the Friends of Cuba Solidarity Association in Poland. In her speech, the Cuban ambassador Margarita Valle Camino thanked her Polish friends for the contribution of each of the members of the organization, for their supportive support during all these years.

This distinction, which was instituted since 1979, is granted at the proposal of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the People (ICAP), and is granted by the President of the Republic of Cuba to citizens, organizations or institutions, Cuban or foreign, that individually or collectively, they stand out in activities aimed at achieving the construction of a more just society and strengthening the ties of fraternal friendship, cooperation and mutual aid between peoples.

The ICAP proposed to award this Medal in recognition of the support of this Polish organization, to continue contributing to the strengthening and deepening of ties with our people, based on brotherhood, solidarity and cooperation, as well as for its outstanding participation in campaigns in defense of the Revolution and denounce the aggressions against Cuba by the United States government, especially those related to the condemnation of the unjust economic, commercial and financial blockade and the inclusion of Cuba in the supposed List of States that sponsor terrorism.

The Embassy of Cuba took advantage of the occasion to commemorate the 179th anniversary of the birth of Antonio Maceo and the 96th anniversary of the birth of Ernesto Che Guevara. Two men separated in time, but united by history; the Bronze Titan and the Heroic Guerrilla, men of all times, with a deep sense of duty and the cause for which they gave their lives.

(Embacuba – Poland)


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