La Rioja will host the 35th Notariat Meeting Nove

La Rioja will host the 35th Notariat Meeting Nove
La Rioja will host the 35th Notariat Meeting Nove

The College of Notaries of the province announced that the next Meeting of the Novel Notariat will be held on June 22 in La Rioja and will be attended by professionals related to the subject from all over the country.

following the appropriate regional calendar

approved by the Executive Board and endorsed

by the respective notarial colleges of

Argentina, the capital city will act as headquarters

of the event after 13 years of the last time.

Likewise, due to the outstanding

the day, the Parliament of the Great North

Argentine declared the XXXV National Meeting

final of the Novel Notariat an event of

Parliamentary and Provincial Interest.

Because of that, Medios El Independien-

spoke to you with members of the College of

from the province of La Rioja to discover

more about the proposed agenda for the date.

Maura Eleonor Guzmán, president of the

civil institution, commented: “Of the opportunity

speakers and professionals will participate

from all over Argentina, including two

recognized figures related to the professional field

fesional. For this reason it is so significant and

It is important to recognize these spaces

tion and integration at the provincial level.

Parallel to the established itinerary, the

lawyer and notary Martín Leandro Russo

will guide the workshop talk “Exercise of the function

Notarial: The notary role in planning for

“trimonial.” While the clerk Andrés

Savelli will hold the discussion “Current

Forms and objects of contracting: Acts, acts

and electronic commerce.” Following this line,

The ceremony will have the collaboration of

a bunch of new scribes who will share

experiences, knowledge and perspectives

about new and modern tools

to improve the notarial profession in the country. He

space designated for the preparation of each

activity will be the Coty Agost Carreño Hall of the

Castro Barros Cultural Walk, located in the

central area of ​​the Capital city. Lines

action will begin next Saturday from

08:30 and will continue for several days.

In addition to the social commitment that this type

of projects symbolize for the note-

rial, represents a form of interaction between

colleagues and promotes the culture of the local territory in more ways than one.

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