Two missing women found dead in the Bojayá River

Two missing women found dead in the Bojayá River
Two missing women found dead in the Bojayá River

After several days of searching, authorities reported the death of the two missing women.

On June 15 of this year,There was a shipwreck in the Bojayá River, specifically between Playa Blanca and Mojaudó (Canturrón), in which 21 people were being transported., officials of public entities who were carrying out a humanitarian commission. There the boat had an accident, leaving two people shipwrecked.

According to what the mayor of the municipality of Bojayá, Hailton Perea, stated at the time, this incident occurred due to the constant rising of the river, whichThey have increased due to the season of heavy rains in that area of ​​the department.

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After search actions carried out jointly by nearby communities and the National Army, local authorities reported the death ofNeyla Lorena Machado Chaverra, who worked as head of Assurance in the Municipal Health Coordination and Ana Mirley Arroyo Heredia, 24 years old, who worked as an official of the Nueva EPS.

Due to this event,The Bojayá Mayor’s Office declared two days of mourning in honor of the victims.Even the governor of Chocó, Nubia, Carolina Córdoba Curi, said, “mand most heartfelt message of condolences to their families, to the municipal administration, the Nueva EPS, and to the people of Bojaya for this sensitive loss.They were two young women at the service of the community and that legacy of commitment will last in memory,” said the departmental leader.

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It is worth remembering that andThe Municipal Mayor of Bojaya, Hailton Perea Chaverra, through Decree 207 of June 4, 2024, declared a public calamity due to the heavy rains that hit the municipality of Bojayádue to the effects generated by the La Niña Phenomenon, which highlights the overflowing of the main rivers, strong floods, loss of agricultural goods and production.

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