They warn about sudden floods in the Cesar rivers

Caution and not visiting the tributaries during this winter wave are the recommendations of the Disaster Risk Management authorities in Cesar in response to the Ideam alerts about sudden floods in some rivers, mainly in the rural area of ​​Valledupar.

In the department there is a probability of sudden floods in the upper basin of the Cesar River and its tributaries, according to the latest Ideam bulletin, in which they recommend special attention on the banks of the Guatapurí and Badillo rivers in the municipality of Valledupar, specifically in the Chemesquemena and Vega Arriba townships.

Likewise, in the La Malena ravine at the height of the town of Patillal. They also recommend special attention to the Sororia, Maracas, Santo Tomás and Tucuy rivers, the latter in the Serranía del Perijá, with monitoring in the municipalities of Valledupar, Pueblo Bello, Agustín Codazzi, Becerril and La Jagua de Ibirico.

Moderate increases are reported in the level of the Ariguaní River and its tributaries, especially for the Ariguanicito River among other contributors to the left bank of the main channel. In this area, the municipalities of Pueblo Bello, El Copey and Bosconia and Chimichagua are on alert.

Other emergencies that have been occurring in Cesar due to the winter wave are the risks of landslides in several municipalities of the department, with González being on red alert, while Aguachica, Agustín Codazzi, Chimichagua, Chiriguaná, Curumaní are on orange alert, El Copey, La Gloria, La Jagua de Ibirico, La Paz, Pailitas, Pelaya, Pueblo Bello, Río De Oro, San Alberto, San Diego, San Martín, Valledupar.

Likewise, Becerril, Bosconia, Manaure Balcón Del Cesar and Tamalameque are on yellow alert.

Due to the rainfall in recent days, there is moisture saturation in the soils, which gives rise to different levels of probability for the occurrence of landslides, in hillside and high slope areas.

For this reason, from the departmental Disaster Risk Management Office, Petra Romero, insists on the message to the community not to frequent the rivers during the rainy season, since the risks are high and floods could unleash natural events.

Due to the La Niña Phenomenon in Cesar, the aim is to prevent falls from trees, roofs, structures and other associated dangers. Therefore, they recommend that people stay at home, check the condition of their roofs, reinforce structures, report trees at risk, request professional help if they have any questions or need for major repairs, and contact qualified professionals.

Likewise, they recommend being attentive to weather alerts and having a family emergency plan and making sure everyone knows what to do in the event of a collapse or falling tree.

Risk Management Authorities maintain prevention campaigns among bathers in the different rivers of the department.

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