Self-convened people distance themselves from SOEM and ask for an increase

Self-convened people distance themselves from SOEM and ask for an increase
Self-convened people distance themselves from SOEM and ask for an increase

June 19, 2024 – 00:20

The SOEM strike was five weeks old yesterday and the intransigence in the negotiation caused cracks in several municipal agencies, in which self-convened workers submitted a note to the Executive to settle the salary increase offered to the union, regardless of how the talks continue. In that sense, they claimed that the conflict has been going on for more than 30 days and it is impossible to know if there will be any type of solution; while the economic situation is pressing and takes them hostage. In addition, the employees members of the SIDCA have already signed their agreement.

Yesterday a note began to circulate among employees of Urban Hygiene, Monitoring, Transit, Municipal Health, Infrastructure, Deliberative Council and other agencies with the signature of dozens of self-convened people who ask Mayor Gustavo Saadi to settle salaries with an increase. “Some of us are affiliated with the SOEM and others are not, but we are affected by this joint negotiation that has been going on for more than 30 days, with a prognosis that does not allow us to foresee a quick solution,” they noted.

In this sense, they recalled that in an assembly with the SOEM, held in front of the Municipal Palace where the camp is held, it was decided to accept the latest proposal sent by the Executive regarding a salary increase. “In the same assembly, in which many of the workers could not participate, it was decided not to sign the agreement or lift the measure of force until they committed to not deducting the days of strike, even though it was something that was I was announcing,” they claimed.

“We feel that we are at a crossroads that takes us hostage, since we are left in the middle of half-baked negotiations, impulsive decisions, irresponsibility, delegates who harass and pressure,” they noted. In the letter they highlighted that they always supported the decisions of the SOEM and respect the struggle, but that “it is impossible for us to face another month, or however long this negotiation lasts, without perceiving some type of increase at this time.”

The last offer from the Municipality was a 25% increase to be paid in two installments, the first of 15% to be settled this month by complementary payroll and the second with the July salaries; in addition to a bonus of $60,000 that would be paid this month and the commitment to update salaries bimonthly taking INDEC inflation indicators as a parameter. The SOEM agreed with the proposal, but refused to sign because the Municipality did not give in to the request not to deduct the days of unemployment. The Executive explained that the discounts, which would be applied to this month’s salary, would affect a total of 900 employees out of a universe of 4,500 permanent plants; while for the staff of Catamarca Ciudad Work they have already become effective and fall on 700 employees in a universe of 5,000 agents.

New mobilization

Yesterday the SOEM marched through the streets of the city again and a new mobilization is planned for today. The concentration will be at 9 in the camp that the union maintains in front of the Municipal Palace. “We have been there for 35 days, 12 mobilizations and 15 days of camping. We must recognize the effort, sacrifice and perseverance we maintained. We have to redouble the bet, we wake up thinking that it may be the last day. It’s coming,” said the deputy secretary, Eugenia Varela, who also said that “the day this ends, there will surely be reconsiderations and slaps on the wrist.”

The general secretary of the SOEM, Luis Álamo, said that he hopes that “these gentlemen can call us,” regarding municipal officials. “If we have to be unemployed for two months, we will be here as long as it is for the benefit of our colleagues,” he said and called for mobilization this morning.


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