The Quebrada Solar Train made its first trip

The Quebrada Solar Train made its first trip
The Quebrada Solar Train made its first trip

He maintained that “Jujuy has been growing a lot in terms of tourism in recent years.” “This project will give it an extra push, because it is a state-of-the-art train, a work that was paid for by the province, which allows you to charge your cell phone and have a 360 view,” he described.

In turn, Posadas specified that “we are about to come out with a new tourist promotion called Jujuy Universo en Colores that shows all the diversity of culture that the public can have, among women, family, couples, friends where the idea is to communicate that Jujuy “It is a destination that can be enjoyed 365 days a year in the four regions.”

He also highlighted that they opted for a simple and practical website to access the purchase of tickets anywhere in the world and pay with different payment methods.

Finally, he invited tourists and especially Jujeños to learn about the solar train service in order to promote it. “We have something unique, one of the largest tourism projects in the history of Jujuy, which makes us happy and proud,” she concluded.

First passengers

Graciela de Berazategui from the Province of Buenos Aires, commented that “we come exclusively to see the tourist train, which we think is fabulous. Jujuy is beautiful and we already know Tilcara, Humahuaca and we wanted to have this experience and opportunity that the train gives to appreciate the beautiful landscapes of the Quebrada.”

Another tourist from Misiones noted that “it is the first time that Jujuy has this service and I have no words about what I am appreciating. We bought the tickets from our province through the website without any problem.” Meanwhile, his partner stated that “we did not hesitate to come and have this experience, we went on the first trip and everything was very nice because the whole view was for us. I hope Misiones copies what was done because we also have beautiful landscapes like La Quebrada.”

Meanwhile, an entrepreneur from Jujuy stated that “we were anxious for the tourist train to start operating, because the places came back to life. “We are happy to have this service and we must be good hosts so that the train is the bridge so that more tourists can appreciate our beautiful landscapes and connect with our culture.”

Ticket sales

Through the site you can access the ticket to enjoy the experience, select the time and section of the tour.

This portal offers the following rates:

For tourists, $40,000.

For residents of Jujuy, $10,000.

Retired tourists $25,000.

For disabled people the service will be free and they must obtain the ticket in This email address is being protected from spambots. You need to have JavaScript enabled to view it.and send the corresponding certificate.

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