Video: this is how “La Monada” sells drugs, the new drug family of Villa La Cava de San Isidro

Video: this is how “La Monada” sells drugs, the new drug family of Villa La Cava de San Isidro
Video: this is how “La Monada” sells drugs, the new drug family of Villa La Cava de San Isidro

Video: the filming of the “El Macaco” band

Rodrigo Javier Alegre He spent last Thursday night in a cage after being arrested yesterday by the Buenos Aires Police in San Isidrowho took him for his rapid success in the underworld world, a 23-year-old boss with a short, but at the same time intense, dealer career.

He Prosecutor Esteban Álvarez, from the UFI Specialized in Narcotics of San Isidro, had begun to investigate him last January, when he barely learned of his movements in the Hudson Passage area of ​​Villa La Cava, the settlement located in the Beccar area. The young boss appeared in the turbulent mix of La Cava, again and again. Several reports spoke of alleged acts of violence in the area, threats and abuse of weapons linked to Alegre. Finally, an anonymous complaint exposed him for selling drugs.

Over time, Justice discovered that Alegre had put his entire family into selling drugs, just like the Rosario bossesa clan structure dedicated to cocaine trafficking in one of the districts with the highest purchasing power in Argentina.

Rodrigo Alegre, “The Macaco”

The Buenos Aires Police determined the clan’s organizational chart. It includes, for example, his grandmother Norma, who put his box for one of the dealers to sell. Was his mother Karina and his sister Milagros, accused of being responsible for the sales operations. A little further down the line, his aunts Claudia and Eva Paz. Then, the usual cast: addicts used as satellites and soldiers to intimidate neighbors and whistle if a patrol car comes.

Also, they discovered the nickname Alegre, “The Macaque.” Then, what they call their family in La Cava: “The Monad”.

So, They went for him and his family yesterday Thursday, after weeks of covert video surveillance and network monitoring, which illustrate this note. The gunmen of Alegre They showed themselves on Instagram with their faces covered, gun in handall together like a 5-a-side soccer team. The girls in their band were selling in a hallway, sitting in lawn chairs.

The operation of the San Isidro Delegation of the Superintendency of Investigations of Illicit Drug Trafficking of the provincial force, under the signature of the Court of Guarantees No. 4 in San Isidro.

They arrested 11 suspects along with Alegre, after ten procedures. Among those detained are his aunt Claudia and Eva, his sister Milagros, his cousin Yonathan, also accused of selling, as well as two lieutenants outside of blood ties.

Drugs found: more than a kilo of cocaine, six kilos of pressed joint and ten firearms, among them a 38 caliber Taurus revolver with a request for kidnapping for robbery signed by UFI No. 10 of San Isidro almost 25 years ago, as well as a tumbera shotgun and almost a thousand bullets. Then, six precision scales and 17 cell phones.

The rise of the band was evidenced by two other discoveries: a silencer for guns and a bill counting machine, objects that mark the passage from simple village transactions to a slightly more ambitious organization.

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