The UN criticized Milei’s management for undermining human rights

The UN criticized Milei’s management for undermining human rights
The UN criticized Milei’s management for undermining human rights

This was expressed by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Volker Türk, during the 56th session of the Human Rights Council, held in Geneva.

In addition, He criticized the cuts policy implemented by Milei, which was promoted by his government as ‘the chainsaw’. In this regard, Türk stressed that cuts to public spending “particularly affect the most marginalized.”

Furthermore, he pointed out that Other measures that violate fundamental rights are the closures of state institutions, such as those dedicated “to women’s rights and access to justice.”

The high commissioner also noted that Among Milei’s decisions that could violate people’s rights is “an instruction from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to suspend participation in all events abroad related to the 2030 Agenda.”

For this reason, Türk urged the Argentine authorities “to place human rights at the center of their policy formulation, to build a more cohesive and inclusive society.” “This also means full respect for the right to peaceful assembly and freedom of expression.”added the representative of the UN human rights office, according to information from the Actualidad RT site.

In January, Turk had been in Argentina and had asked the authorities of the Argentine government to participate in the debate on the Bases Law due to the modifications that were intended to be introduced regarding social protest and had a hard conflict with the Minister of area, Patricia Bullrich.

In the second case, regarding freedom of expression, the reference by the United Nations official is related to the criminal complaint that the Minister of Justice, Mariano Cúneo Libarona, made against two journalists – Nancy Pazos and Darío Villarruel – for “incitement to commit crimes”. Both had made comments on a radio program in which they had talked about the lack of distribution of food destined for soup kitchens that were in Government warehouses.


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