The sixth payment cycle of the Colombia Mayor program will begin: dates, amount and beneficiaries

The sixth payment cycle of the Colombia Mayor program will begin: dates, amount and beneficiaries
The sixth payment cycle of the Colombia Mayor program will begin: dates, amount and beneficiaries

Colombia Mayor is a Social Protection program that seeks precisely to increase protection for older adultsthrough the delivery of economic subsidies for those who are in a state of vulnerability, who do not have a pension or live in extreme poverty.

During the last payment, More than 1,500,000 older adults in the country benefited and, of this group, a little more than 450,000 were over 80 years old.

Date of the sixth cycle of Colombia Mayor

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According to Social Prosperity, next Friday, June 21, the sixth payment cycle will be carried out and will extend until July 5. Please remember that payment is only available for 10 business days.

It is expected that for this cycle, 1,679,832 people are beneficiaries, of which 499,928 are over 80 years old.

It is worth remembering that the payment for this subsidy is $225,000 COP. In order not to lose this money, it is important to have the data updated and withdraw the money, since failure to withdraw the money is a penalty. For four undrawn spins, payment is completely suspended.

If you live in Bogotá, remember that you will only be able to receive payment from this program, because as explained by the Secretariat of Social Integration: “no additional payments are made, since coverage must be guaranteed by the Nation.”

Where is the money stored?

The Colombia Mayor program manages two payment methods:

  • Direct economic subsidy: people can collect the subsidy with the payment operator that was defined at the time of registration. If you do not know what it is or want more information, it is best to contact the person in charge of the Colombia Mayor Program at the mayor’s office of your municipality.
  • Through an intermediary of the payment operators that were established, also, during registration.

If you are not yet registered, how can you be a beneficiary?

Seniors who can receive this financial support must meet these requirements:

  • Being Colombian.
  • having resided during the last 10 years in the national territory.
  • Be at least 3 years younger than the age required to receive an old-age pension. That is, 57 years for women and 62 for men.
  • Lacking sufficient income or income to survive. For this, it is reviewed the Sisbén IV classification and all levels of groups A and B and C are taken up to subgroup C1.

If you meet the requirements, you must go to the mayor’s office of your municipality, with your ID. According to Social Prosperity, in most territorial entities, the process is carried out through the Office of Care for the Elderly.

In the case of Bogotá, the procedure is carried out in the Local Subdirectorates of the Secretariat of Social Integration, former COL.

There, compliance with the requirements will be verified and, then, You must fill out a form to register in the Colombia Mayor Information System. The system will again verify your information and a prioritization list will be applied. The assignment is made following the shifts assigned in each cycle.

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