“I loved myself, I didn’t realize it”: a theatrical journey through memory

“I loved myself, I didn’t realize it”: a theatrical journey through memory
“I loved myself, I didn’t realize it”: a theatrical journey through memory

Wednesday 19.6.2024


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Next Saturday the 22nd at 9 p.m., the stage of the El Birri Social and Cultural Center (Gral. López 3698) will be filled with life, history and emotion with the presentation of “I loved myself, I didn’t realize it.” This work, with dramaturgy and direction by Ana Woolf, promises to be an intimate and moving journey through memory and female narrative.

Starring the talented actress Laura D’Anna, “I Loved Me, I Didn’t Realize” presents a story that intertwines the lives of three women: Ophelia, the iconic figure from Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”; Emilia, a great aunt never met but always present in family comparisons; and a Gardener, who finds the other two while working the land. What follows is a narrative ritual, an exchange of stories and silences, that reveals the deep connections between generations of women.

“This work is born in the interstices of Shakespeare’s Hamlet and in the gaps of family memory. It is a story of silences and ghosts. ‘I loved myself! I did not realize…’; Emilia said after the check-up, the day she was admitted to the Oliveros psychiatric hospital,” the filmmakers say about her. The texts combine the words of Shakespeare himself with those of Teresa Arijón, Ana Woolf and Laura D’Anna. This meeting of voices creates a rich and multifaceted plot, exploring themes of identity, memory and the transmission of stories between women.

The set design and lighting design are in charge of Fernando Díaz, while Giorgio Zamboni is in charge of directing assistance and graphic and sound design, ensuring a complete sensory experience for the viewer. Lucia Sander brings her expertise in playwriting, ensuring that every word and every gesture on stage resonates with authenticity and depth.

Capacity is limited; Admission is free, and the public is invited to contribute to the cap, thus allowing each spectator to value the experience according to their possibilities. With buffet and bar service available, the experience promises to be complete, inviting the community to gather, share and enjoy theater in its purest form.

I loved myself, I didn’t realize it” is more than a play; is a tribute to the women who have left marks on our lives, visible or invisible, and a celebration of the power of storytelling to connect generations.

Theater Road

It is a stable group that creates works, investigates its own artistic language, carries out teaching work, and has found diverse audiences since 2014. Its first production was “LuiEmi in Shakespeare’s Sea”, which toured several cities in the interior and participated in several festivals. National and international. He has actively participated since 2015 in Juventus Lyrica productions as actors, coaches and translators. In 2018 it entered into collaboration with the Italo-Argentine Association MViva.

It also presents works in French, Italian and Spanish for the Primary Schools of CABA. In 2020, it created a project together with other groups (Magdalena 2da Generación and Casa del Sur) called Alimentando la Espera, with which they brought art with joy to waiting lines in schools, hospitals, parishes, soup kitchens and also in therapeutic communities.

At the end of 2020, the San Pedro González Telmo parish received Camino Teatro in its facilities, to continue with its rehearsals and research work.

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