With RIGI or without RIGI, Argentina is off the radar

With RIGI or without RIGI, Argentina is off the radar
With RIGI or without RIGI, Argentina is off the radar

June 19, 2024 – 2:05 p.m.

The president of CAMYEN, Susana Peralta, will return today from a tour of the United States in which she was with Vice Governor Rubén Dusso and the Minister of Mining Marcelo Murúa. Interviewed by Radio Ancasti’s Mañana es hoy, Peralta considered that the presentations were positive and that although North America is aware of what is happening in the country, most companies “do not know that lithium is from the provinces” and is “subnational” contact is necessary, that is, direct.

In the United States, the province of Catamarca held an outstanding exhibition on its mining policy and development and investment opportunities at the Argentine Embassy in Washington.

“They consulted, of course the authorities were aware and are very attentive to what is happening in Argentina at that level. But they were honest with us that they see Argentina as a country with many difficulties, especially with regard to inflation, and today we are still off the radar,” Peralta commented on the matter.

“With RIGI or without RIGI, in many companies in the United States we are off the radar and if it were not for the mining resources we have, I think they would not even give us the opportunity to listen to us,” he defined, regarding the Large Investment Incentive Regime of the Base Law.

In that context, Catamarca issued an invitation for the month of August, and Peralta is excited that it will come to fruition. “They are going to come, they have been interested and surprised.”

“The exchange was very helpful, especially to understand how they see our country from here (the US). There everything goes through the Nation and they don’t know that Argentina’s mining resources belong to the provinces, so there are issues that have to be handled subnationally,” Peralta explained.

He added that the interest was such that “they organized a meeting for us at the Washington Chamber of Commerce, no less, and they were able to understand many things about the way in which we allocate these resources and how we work” with a “very interesting exchange of information with everything that has to do with OSG, which is Environmentally Sustainable Governance” and the commitment to come to northern Argentina.

“We committed her to the Chamber to come with several of her associates to Catamarca on August 18, let’s hope this goes ahead.”

He also noted that outside the mining projects, agribusiness links were established with potential businesses.


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