ELN would have incinerated a dump truck on the Risaralda-Chocó road

ELN would have incinerated a dump truck on the Risaralda-Chocó road
ELN would have incinerated a dump truck on the Risaralda-Chocó road

In the sector known as Puente La Unión, very close to the municipality of Pueblo Rico, in the border area between Risaralda and Chocó, it was reported that armed men, apparently from the ELN, set fire to a dump truck that is carrying out works in this national route.

Israel Londoño, Secretary of the Government of Risaralda, assured that There is a presence of the National Army in the areabut there is no certainty that they are ELN men.

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“There was a confrontation between Army soldiers, who were summoned to the site, and a group that we are identifying, it is very likely that it was the ELN.”“There is already an Army commission in the area to know the situation in detail.”

For its part, the sector community assures that Firearm detonations have been heard in the sector, being afraid of possible confrontations between the public force and illegal armed groups.

According to Walter Arango Mazo, transporter leaderthe vehicle that was burned belongs to the company that is carrying out the paving works of the Quibdó-Pereira road.

“Several men came out armed, apparently from the ELN and They intercepted a dump truck from the construction company that is paving the roadthey took the dump truck to the Agüita village, there they burned it in its entirety,” said the transporter.

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On the other hand, Héctor Fabio Artunduaga, manager of the Pereira Transport Terminal, pointed out that “so far there are no effects on mobility, so they continue to dispatch buses to the department of Chocó.”

It is worth remembering that In recent years, multiple public service vehicles have been burned on the Risaralda-Chocó road, on behalf of ELN men.

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