They seek to develop agrotourism in the Limay Medio region of Neuquén

From the provincial government of Neuquén they reported that they work to develop agrotourism in the Limay Medio region. For this reason, the Ministry of Tourism held meetings and technical assistance to different municipalities that make up that area.

The activity was carried out as part of the actions of the provincial Regionalization Plan and the management and strengthening destinations, products and tourist attractions.

In Picún Leufú and Piedra del Águila Meetings were held with tourism leaders to discuss programs and projects to work on and designs of new products.

On the other hand, in Villa Unión visited a production farm of agroecological vegetables and free-range animal husbandry.

Likewise, in Paso Aguerre toured the establishment of the former school No. 64 managed by the local development commission.

In this sense, with the president of the development commission Marcelo Pino, the state of the situation in which theThe authorization process for its use as accommodation. There was also talk of tourist and recreational projects that are planned for the place.

In this context, the technical teams of the provincial tourism portfolio will provide continuity tol Paso Aguerre Tourism-Recreational Development Plan that was presented in the previous government.

In addition, tourist and recreational proposals from neighbors were taken into consideration in order to develop them. Among them are those of hiking, bird watching, apitourism, agritourism, scheduled events, highlighting local identity and authentic landscape.

The technical assistance and tours to these locations are aimed at develop tourism ventures to attract visitors that they know the food production process and acquire them directly. This would involve sowing, planting, harvesting, feeding animals, touring the farm and tasting.

The commission was made up of personnel from the provincial directorates of Tourism Development and Strengthening of Tourism Services.

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