Cienfuegos, present at the XVI International Recycling Congress

The We recycle for the planet project, which links the Raw Materials Recovery Company (ERMP) of Cienfuegos with pioneers from the Carlos Manuel de Céspedes primary school, was distinguished among the nominees for the 2024 Values ​​Recovery Award, as announced this Wednesday at the closing of the XVI International Recycling Congress, based in Havana.

With six years of existence, this initiative has instilled in the children of that educational center the importance of recycling to reduce waste, conserve natural resources and protect the environment.

The tours of ERMP facilities have allowed them to learn about the classification of different types of recyclable materials, such as paper, plastic, metal and glass, and the recycling process, from collection to transformation into new products.

In the event that took place last Monday the 17th as part of the CubaIndustria 2024 International Convention, Cienfuegos also showed the strategies to improve the contribution of the PET Recycling Plant to the circular economy.

Engineer Lesyán Mckenn Tavio, deputy director of the ERMP, points out the economic and environmental benefits that the circular economy provides, including strengthening the value chain, reducing operating costs, increasing profitability through the use of capacity installed capacity and foreign exchange earnings from border and export businesses.

For his part, engineer Yulien Meneses Subarnaba spoke at the Congress about the Company’s development projections to improve the coordinated management of the supply chain of plastic waste, and contribute to a better relationship with suppliers and customers.

“The supply chain of plastic waste acquires more value with each passing month since today’s productions are made with the plastic-based alternative worldwide and we will not be exempt from this if we want to compete in the plastic market.” Plastic,” explains Meneses Subarnaba.

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