Alias ​​“Ostin” would be the alleged intellectual author of the attack against Francia Márquez’s father in Cauca

Vice President Francia Márquez asked that security be strengthened in these areas

On June 16, an attack occurred against the father of Vice President Francia Márquez on the Suárez-Cali highway, near Timba. Some preliminary investigations have determined that the alleged mastermind would be alias “Ostin”, one of the members of the Jaime Martínez structure of the Central General Staff (EMC) of the FARC.

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The attack on Sigifredo Márquez occurred when he was in the company of a 6-year-old minor. Both were allegedly approached by two motorcycles, “they fired repeatedly, hitting the back of the vehicle four times. Thanks to the maneuver of the officials, they manage to evade this action and ask for help in the town of Robles,” said the commander of Section No. 4 of the National Police, General Jorge Urquijo.

Given the attack, the vice president expressed her concern for security in Cauca, Suárez and the town of La Toma. She also asked the Prosecutor’s Office and the Ministry of Defense to advance the investigations and strengthen the presence of the Military Forces in these areas. Márquez calls for peace and affirms that “if we work in unity we can turn this page of pain and violence.”

For its part, the Presidency of the Republic expressed that “the attacks on the civilian population are a flagrant violation of international rights and human rights. “It is unacceptable that armed groups operating in the area continue to use disproportionate violence and terror as tools of war.”

The vice president’s father along with the minor were unharmed and were transported in a National Police helicopter to Cali. In response to the attack, the commander of the Military Forces, General Helder Giraldo, pointed out that “alias ‘Ostin’, leader of some networks supporting terrorism, has been identified with two other individuals, who apparently were the ones who participated directly in this attack.”

This situation has generated indignation in the country and reiterates the need for a change towards peace, the demobilization of armed groups and effective agreements that close the cycle of violence in which Colombia lives.

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