Delegation from Cienfuegos attends the Third International Congress of Science and Education

Delegation from Cienfuegos attends the Third International Congress of Science and Education
Delegation from Cienfuegos attends the Third International Congress of Science and Education

The International Science and Education Congress “Research and Innovate: Agenda 2030” held in Havana from the 17th until this Wednesday was attended by a delegation from Cienfuegos.

A broad scientific program conceived the contest that enables academic dialogue in favor of science and education in Cuba, with a focus always on the improvement of all levels of education. The Central Institute of Pedagogical Sciences, the Ministry of Education and the World Council of Academics and University Researchers by its acronym COMAU, sponsor this third edition of the Congress.

According to the director of the Central Institute of Pedagogical Sciences, Doctor of Sciences SilviaMaría Navarro Quintero, the government management model ratifies the social mandate of education, since the most important periods of personality formation occur in the different institutions. of learners, our most precious treasures.

“Therefore, it is urgent to strengthen our human resources and mobilize educational influences based on comprehensive training,” stated Navarro Quintero during his first intervention attended by the First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba and President of the Republic, a Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez.

Three professionals from Cienfuegos who are developing their research lines for their doctoral theses and a student who is in the fourth year of the Early Childhood Career attended the event, where symposiums, forums, workshops and keynote conferences were held in unison.

The topics that have been socialized are directed, for example, to diverse experiences for an audiovisual culture of children and mediators, the role of educational institutions in the post-pandemic world, health and sexuality in inclusive schools with a gender and law approach, improvement professional and its impact on educational transformation among many other investigative approaches based on best practices for the union.

The International Early Childhood Colloquium called From Pregnancy to the Future was also held.

Graduate Katia Hernández Martell, who serves as a Computer Science Methodologist in Basic Secondary Education, from the general direction of the sector in Cienfuegos, meant the wide possibility of participating in multiple spaces where new lines of work were explained. “As doctoral students who belong to the impact evaluation project of the Central Institute of Pedagogical Sciences, we have socialized knowledge around educational inclusion, effective use of technology, academic training, quality of education, among others.”

The participation of Cienfuegos in the academic event will contribute to the implementation of new experiences in the sector for better preparation of the teaching faculty of different educations.

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