“Up to 29 deaths in one day”

“Up to 29 deaths in one day”
“Up to 29 deaths in one day”

Funeral services in the province of Santiago de Cuba are going through a deep crisisexacerbating the suffering of the relatives of the deceased at the crucial moment of saying goodbye to a loved one, as reported this Wednesday on social networks.

The Santiago Yanelis Rodríguez Semanat He told independent journalist Yosmany Mayeta about the ordeal he experienced this Tuesday when facing the precariousness of this service in Santiago de Cuba, after the death of his aunt.

Mayeta disclosed this complaint on Facebook, warning that the main funeral home in the territory collapsed with 29 deceased, whose coffins were placed in hallways and even on the chairs intended for mourners during the wakes.

Facebook Capture / Yosmany Mayeta

Rodríguez said that on Monday, at 3:20 PM, his aunt died at the Clinical Surgical Hospital, but the paperwork, the necro, and the transfer of the body caused them to arrive at the funeral home at 9:00 PM.

The cars they are using for the transfer are vans or pisicorrebecause the hearses are broken, without brakes and the dead vote,” the complainant warned, a situation that, although extraordinary, It has happened on several occasions in the streets of Santiago de Cuba.

According to Rodríguez, in the funeral home they were located in Room I2, but in the hallway due to lack of space: “The dead even in the hallways”, lamented the woman from Santiago.

The complainant described the ordeal they experienced at the funeral home: lack of seats, shortage of flowers for wreaths and the few available were dry; Furthermore, there was a poor service in the cafeteria where they did not have gas to prepare coffee, which is no longer served in the rooms as was customary, having to go to the cafeteria to consume it if it was available.

The painful situation continued the next day, when it was time to bury her relative: “In the morning we still didn’t know where they were going to bury my aunt, there were five dead people in white, waiting for the cemeteries to call, so they could give her The abilities”.

According to his story, at 7:00 AM, at shift change, he tried to get information about the place where his aunt would be buried; However, his explanation was shocking: “There were 21 dead and two in their homes that had to be picked up. At around 10, there were already 29 dead”, he noted.

Finally, due to the lack of capacity to accept new burials in the Santa Ifigenia and El Caney cemeteries, Rodríguez had to bury his relative in a cemetery in Playa Siboney, almost 20 kilometers from the city center.

The crisis in funeral services in Santiago de Cuba It is evident in the constant complaints made by people on social networks.

This week, a man who lived alone in this city died and His body was at the home for almost 24 hours without the authorities showing up to pick it up..

Facebook Capture / Yosmany Mayeta

The residents of Diego Velázquez Street, in the historic center, denounced the situation on social networks. The case has generated outrage among area residents.

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