FARC dissidents attacked the Morales Police Station, Cauca

FARC dissidents attacked the Morales Police Station, Cauca
FARC dissidents attacked the Morales Police Station, Cauca
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Jun 19, 2024 – 4:36 am

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On the night of this Tuesday, June 18, 2024, an incident of violence occurred again in Morales, Cauca: harassment by FARC dissidents against the municipal public force.

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Men of the criminal structure Jaime Martínez They shot at the Morales Police Station. The Military Forces deployed on the ground repelled the attack and the dissidents fled towards the mountainous area, so The fighting moved to the mountain range area of ​​the municipality.

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According to councilor Manuel Alejandro Velasco, the attack was not as intense as on other occasions, but the exchange of shots generated tension among the inhabitants of the sector.

“The truth is there was not much intensity compared to what has happened on other occasions, but there was an exchange of shots, which generates tension in the community and anxiety. For now you can hear the sound of helicopters, but apparently everything is calm,” said Velasco.

Who is responsible for the harassment in Morales, Cauca?

For his part, the commander of the Cauca Specific Command, Brigadier General Federico Mejía, spoke about what happened.

“A stronghold belonging to Jaime Martínez tried to attack the Police station, but during that situation our soldiers belonging to the Cauca Specific Command, of the José Hilario López Battalion, were in the upper part. There a fight against this structure takes place, frustrating this terrorist intention they had. Like the Police, it reacts in a very timely manner to the combat that It lasted approximately 15 minutes,” Mejía said.

For now, the authorities do not report any injuries from the Military Forces.

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