Driving defensively to protect life on the roads: Traffic Police, Quindío

Driving defensively to protect life on the roads: Traffic Police, Quindío
Driving defensively to protect life on the roads: Traffic Police, Quindío


On Caracol Radio Armenia’s midday newscast we had as a guest Mayor Jaime Carvajal, head of the Road Safety group of the Traffic and Transportation Police of Quindío talking about the plans, programs, campaigns and controls on the roads of Quindío to address the high road accident rate in the region.

And he stated “The high number of road accidents with deaths is worrying, because in a way it affects life, which is the most important thing, and one wonders why people cannot take care of themselves.manage the defense, let’s say go a little further and use protective elements that allow you to save your life in case you have a fall because there is no one, you are exempt from a fall or suffering an accident on the tracks, but how good that use elements to prevent it.

What have they detected?

One notices, as I say, the lack of concern, they don’t like to use the helmet as they should, sometimes we exceed the speed limits, so since here Quindío is so beautiful and so close one place to the other, so we left on the time, we exceed the speed limitsRight now the weather is very changeable and sometimes we believe that the one who runs the least is going to get wet and that is where falls occur, we know that here in Quindío after a certain time after 9 at night there are some traffic lights that turn flashing lights and people seem to forget that and cross without keeping in mind that, for example, the traffic light at the terminal intersection is flashing to drive carefully and they forget other things that they should know about since you have a driving license, you are supposed to be trained to drive any type of vehicle

Motorcyclists the most vulnerable

The most vulnerable road actors, the motorcyclist, do not take care of themselves, no, they do not do what they should do to take care of the life that is so beautiful, When I am doing the campaigns I tell them what value you place on your life, then they respond my life is priceless, then if it is priceless because you don’t handle the defensiveBecause it doesn’t stop the effort, the national roads are all occupied by large vehicles, large dump trucks, tractor-trailers and so on, so don’t move forward where you shouldn’t.

And the second thing that hurts all Colombians the most is talk to you about the infractions, if for example you invade a lane, they can fine you 30 times the current legal minimum wage and that affects your economy and there are people, well, they think about your economy because if you think about your economy, behind you is your father, your mother and many people who suddenly depend on you and you for making a comparison for that type of maneuvers is stopping bringing certain things into the house.


The schools are not only for the victims of the road accident, but also for us because sometimes you are the one who has to call your family and say hey gentleman, Ladies, you can distinguish such a person, he has just suffered a road accident and died, the extreme being true and the other part is that, as a sequel has just said suddenly of the loss of an important member, but also the lamentations because it was my motor vehicle and it was totally lost or my vehicle was not insured for people, so people only remember those things when they are in the moment, but if I had handled like that but if I had protected myself, our invitation from, let’s say, the head of my eldest Jairo Alberto Pinilla Carbajal as head of the section is that you take care of your life and if you take care of yourself, if you know that for example you have a beak and license plate, so don’t take your vehicle out because sometimes you leave over time and you think that seven in the morning is going to be longer and that sometimes doesn’t happen and you get into an accident, well.


We had a prevention campaign in the sector La Herradura via Paila Armenia which is included in the country club that area is quite inviting to the road user to exceed the speed limits, the road Armenia Pereira with the coffee highway concession doing many campaigns on those two points as main and in the sector of the line at kilometer 15, which is the part that already separates, let’s say a part of Quindío and Ibagué, today you are going to take the line, do not go ahead, take care of your vehicle because there are people who get on first second third they come to a curve and get off first then they overheat your vehicle then even in that it is part of prevention and taking care to check your vehicle before any trip and do not exceed the speed limits, which is what is affecting us.

Mayor Jaime Carvajal is the head of the Road Prevention group of the Quindío Transportation Traffic Police He added that prevention and information work has been done together with the Tolima section.

In the descent we are doing a campaign with a pyrometer, which is an element that is used to measure the temperature of the brake system of vehicles, be it motorcycles, cars or cargo, that invites the user. I tell you, well, that is in degrees Fahrenheit, if it is over 115 degrees Fahrenheit, please, Let’s wait here for it to cool down. Take an active break, sometimes we even have a cup of coffee and let’s wait and stop worrying because sometimes people don’t come here eagerly today, I come from Bogotá and I’m going to Pereira, for example, and they get off without thinking and when they reach kilometer 10 they’re already It’s almost reaching the helical bridge, that’s when you remember that oh, the brakes were useful to me for something.


Three authorities intervene on the line, so to speak, Tolima, managing the traffic when it is affected from there to here and the consortium of the line with us in the toll sector here we always call it the contingency plan So to speak, the toll of the kilometer of the Americas is closed and from there on down it is traffic management, information today that we have a landslide, always communication between everyone because let’s say the idea is that we maintain the roads with good mobility.

Filandia and Salento

We have work tables with the IDTQ with the Government and with all transit organizations, then for example in Filandia and Salento If you have noticed when it comes out, everything has a lot of users, a lot of tourists, the buses do not enter the municipality for which mobility affects us, so that is where we enter to support and at the entrance to Filandia we also do the same activity


Drive defensively, do not exceed speed limits, plan your trip in advance, If we know that we are going to travel, for example, to Armenia Bogotá, let us consult the emergency numbers, the number 767 and the pages that are authorized, including those of you that are informing you day by day, how the roads are so that you have a safe trip and do not do it with setbacks. The third thing is that the tourists, the people who visit us, know what the roads are like, where they are going to leave their vehicles.

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