indoor celebration in Neuquén and Rolando Figueroa, in San Martín

indoor celebration in Neuquén and Rolando Figueroa, in San Martín
indoor celebration in Neuquén and Rolando Figueroa, in San Martín


Students from primary schools in the province made the Flag promise.

“It is a very important day for us and for the fourth grade boys and girls who this week have all been making the promise to the flag,” said the Chief of Staff Secretary, Maria Pasqualini.

“I think that fundamentally we are going to reflect on what the flag is for us, taking into account that it is the most important symbol we have because it represents us and generates belonging for us, it makes us equal,” said Pasqualini.

“It is a day of reflection to also think about the values ​​that the flag implies, and we have to keep in mind that we must defend sovereignty, democracy, and federalism. Today more than ever, we Neuquéns have to defend our resources, what is ours, so it is a very important day,” he indicated.

Inside Neuquén

In Plaza Huincul, Mayor Claudio Larraza participated this Wednesday in the act of pledging loyalty to the Argentine Flag at primary school No. 22 in Plaza Huincul.

huincul flag.jpg

Flag Day event in Plaza Huincul.

The 4th grade students A and B made the promise to the national flag in the act that remembers the passage to immortality of General Manuel Belgrano.

In Centenario, yesterday morning the Municipal Child Care Centers (CANM) celebrated Flag Day with games, educational activities, fried cakes and musical numbers.

centennial flag.jpg

Celebrations for Flag Day in Centennial.

For its part, San Martín de los Andes celebrates National Flag Day this Thursday, June 20. The official event, which will take place at 12:00 at the Javier Carriqueo Municipal Gymnasium, will be led by the governor of the province of Neuquén, Rolando Figueroa; the mayor of our city, Carlos Saloniti; and the head of the 4th Mountain Exploration Cavalry Regiment, TC Pablo Martín Bartrons.

Soldiers from the General Lavalle Cuirassier Regiment and Cadets from the Neuquén Police School will swear the flag and primary school students will make their promise.

Meanwhile, the Municipality of Villa La Angostura invites the entire community to participate in the commemoration of Flag Day, which will take place at the E. Barbagelata Municipal Gymnasium.

In this ceremony, 310 4th grade students from all schools will make their Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. “This is an emotional and significant moment in which the fourth grade children, as is tradition, together pledge their loyalty and respect to our national symbol,” it was reported from the municipality.

This year, at the initiative of the local Municipal Nursery, in honor of this event, each student will receive a voucher to remove a native tree. This measure seeks to facilitate delivery and ensure that really interested families can pick up the tree at the time that is most convenient for them at the nursery.

At the end of the ceremony, everyone present will be able to enjoy a comforting hot chocolate and delicious fried cakes, sharing a moment of togetherness and remembering our history and traditions.

In Villa El Chocón, the event was called for 8 in the Plazoleta San Martín.

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