Maxi is from Allen, he traveled to see the Copa América and is looking for Messi’s signature: “I am in the same hotel as the National Team”

The cameras of the Argentine sports channels are already in Atlanta to closely follow the Argentine National Team that debuts on Thursday in its first game against Canada. As is customary before the game, The journalists approached the Argentine fans who were stationed near the Scaloneta concentration hotel waiting to see them, but among the crowd A Río Negro fan stood out for a striking poster and a crocheted Messi doll.

«I read your signature for my father and brother, please. Do you leave it at reception? “I’m in the same hotel,” read the Tyc sport journalist. After this, the young man indicated that he hopes to get the signature as a gift of gratitude to his family: “It happens that I received myself thanks to the support of my family. “My brother and my old man were the ones who put me to death in order to receive me.”

The young man who was later known to be called Maxi Ortiz, He said that it is native of the city of Allen and traveled to Atlanta in search of fulfilling the dream of seeing them play. And also for “see if the miracle happens” of Lionel Messi giving him his autograph.

The video was quickly shared by his family until it went viral on social networks. Even the young man himself shared it on his social networks and expressed: “We must give free rein to crazy things.”. Furthermore, there he reported that Finally he stayed in the same hotel as the team, five floors above them. and assured that he is still searching for his miracle: «Fight for your dreams, joy is always worth it!».

Maxi traveled to fulfill his dream of watching the Copa América

Maxi’s dream began in February, when the sale of tickets to see the opening match of the Argentine National Team in the Copa América was announced. This would be his return to competition after winning the cup at the last World Cup.

On their social networks, The Allense fan told his story which he titled “Whatever you say, my captain.” At that time his crocheted Messi also accompanied him and in images Maxi showed what the process was like to get tickets for Argentina’s first game.

«See you at the opening match of the Copa América, world champions!»he wrote in the publication.


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