Collapse in Havana: a hallway falls from a building on Monte Street

Collapse in Havana: a hallway falls from a building on Monte Street
Collapse in Havana: a hallway falls from a building on Monte Street

Around midnight this Wednesday A partial collapse occurred in a building in Old Havana that was already propped up due to its poor conditions. The property is located in Monte between Águila and Ángeles, the Municipal Administration Council (CAM) reported on its Facebook profile. Although this entity did not report it, and then had to do damage control in this regard, several residents of the place confirmed that there is a woman injured as a result of the event.

According to the municipal government body, firefighters, forces from the Ministry of the Interior and the main authorities of the territory rushed to the scene. after “the circulation corridor in the building” was detached.

Witnesses to the event told the independent press that they went to the place that the injured person is a young mother of two children“who appeared to be unconscious at the time she was taken to the police car.”

An Internet user, identified as Iroel Ricardo, a resident of the place, assured that “The girl fainted due to a vagal crisis practically in front of me, I proceeded to evacuate her to a safe area where I gave her first aid and when she did not react I decided to have her transferred to the nearest hospital and as quickly as possible, that’s why I put her in the patrol car.

On this issue, the municipal authorities added, hours after the fact that “It was found that the girl is well, along with her family.”

“65 years after the triumph of the Revolution that promised them a dignified life, Many Cuban families continue to face the challenge of having a roof that does not collapse on them. According to official calculations, in the country there is a deficit of 800,000 homes and, of the existing ones, some 853,000 are in fair or poor condition and are a danger to the lives of its inhabitants,” wrote Alberto Martínez in a recent article for DIARIO DE CUBA .

In the midst of this panorama, in a country with a notably deteriorated housing stock, which is collapsing with increasing frequency, leading to a greater number of deaths or injuries from this cause, The Government remains unable to build the housing necessary to eliminate the current deficit. So far this year, only 3,579 homes have been built in Cuba, which represents just 0.8% of those needed.

What is evident to Cubans is that, as housing problems accumulate, worsen and generate protests, The Government prioritizes the tourism sector. And the official figures prove it.

To the construction of hotels and tourist facilities, the Cuban Government allocated a quarter of the 41,616,003 million of state investment in the first half of 2023, according to a publication by the state-run National Office of Statistics and Information (ONEI).

This sector accounted for 10,406 million pesos in the first half of the year, despite the fact that seven out of every ten hotel rooms were unoccupied in the same period.

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