An artisanal miner survived a lightning strike

An artisanal miner survived a lightning strike
An artisanal miner survived a lightning strike

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Like old Mr. Daws, who narrates in the film Benjamin Button how he was struck by seven lightning bolts, an artisanal miner in Concepción, Antioquia, survived to tell the most unusual story of his life after lightning struck him while he was barking in a area of ​​the Las Mercedes village.

The event occurred on the afternoon of last Tuesday, June 18. The man received the complete shock throughout his body, after which he fainted for a few seconds and when he regained consciousness it took him a couple more minutes to half understand what had happened to him. Disoriented and seriously injured, he quickly made his way back to his house, but when he saw that his body did not respond to him, he asked for help at the closest home he could find.

The residents of the house, impressed by what the miner had just told them, changed his clothes, put him to bed, being careful not to hurt his hands and chest that were raw and they immediately called the Alexandria firefighters to help transport the man to an assistance center.

The firefighters did not have it easy at all. Due to the poor road conditions due to the rain, it took them almost two hours to arrive and they had to walk in the rain for much of that time to speed up their pace, as the vehicle got stuck in several sections.

Finally, they arrived at the house where they had provided care to the miner and did a first check-up in which they confirmed that, incredibly, he was fully conscious, but in delicate condition due to third-degree burns. “Although he was very affected, at no time did he lose consciousness. “It was a miracle that he survived.” one of the firefighters said in statements broadcast by Mi Oriente.

Once stabilized, the firefighters drove to a hospital outside the municipality, where he had to immediately enter surgery due to the severity of the burns on his chest and upper extremities.

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Although his recovery will surely be difficult and due to the delicate nature of the injuries it is not ruled out that he will have some physical consequences, the man will be able to tell something that very few in the world have, with an additional element and that is that He survived a lightning strike in the department with the most lightning victims in Colombia.

And according to the study by the National University, entitled Lightning risk assessment for Colombia, published in 2019, Antioquia is the department of Colombia where it is most likely to die by the impact of lightning. Crossing databases with records from 1997 to 2017, the study showed that 1,313 deaths from lightning were recorded in the country in that period, five people each month. Of those deaths, 242, that is, almost 19% occurred in Antioquia, far exceeding the 150 deaths in Cauca and the 85 in Valle del Cauca.

Another study carried out by NASA confirmed the atypical probability that exists in Antioquia of being impacted for a while. According to this analysis, Cáceres, Bajo Cauca, Antioquia, was the municipality where lightning struck the most in all of Colombia, with an average of more than 6,600 discharges per month. And in the studies, it is also concluded that one of the risk factors is carrying out mining activity.

But there is even more data. According to the National study, the years in which the most deaths occurred coincided with the occurrence of La Niña or El Niño phenomena: 1999, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2012 and 2014. Likewise, 31% of the cases occurred in the months of March and May and 34% between September and November. The study also concluded that the possibility of dying from lightning in Colombia in a rural area is 10 times greater than in an urban area and that men are four times more likely to die from lightning than women.

With all those statistical and scientific factors against it, it becomes more miraculous, if you will, the fact that he survived that impact. Once the shock and rehabilitation are over, the miner will be able to tell how he defeated one of the most powerful natural phenomena.

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