Raffo proposes free supply in coastal businesses

Raffo proposes free supply in coastal businesses
Raffo proposes free supply in coastal businesses

The pre-candidate of National Party, Laura Raffo, referred to the price gap with Argentina and proposed as a measure the free supply of coastal businesses with products from the neighboring country, as a measure to combat the exchange difference.

At times when the problem reappeared on the scene, after several months of correction, Raffo considered that it is necessary to “make all imports cheaper” and maintained that this will end up “generating employment, benefiting commerce and making the pockets of each of the Uruguayans”, as arises from its economic proposals.

The economist raised from Paysandu that in the face of “a problem that has been going on for several decades”, one possibility is that businesses buy products freely in the neighboring country.

“We propose to make all the imports so that a self-service in Paysandú can freely buy toothpaste, shampoo, soap and everything that is much cheaper and only enters as contraband,” said the PN pre-candidate, who said that that way “you can buy it in shops here to sell at the same price as there.”

The price gap with Argentina grows due to the blue dollar

He Dolar blue began to climb in recent weeks in the neighboring country and, although it is still far from the values ​​it exhibited between 2021 and 2023, the price gap widened from 50% to 59% according to the last Border Price Indicator (IPF) that prepares the UCU Jump.

The currency of parallel market is at 1,300 Argentine pesos, close to its historical maximum, leaving the gap with the official exchange rate at 43.3%, close to the 44.5% that it had registered on February 1.

Beyond the fact that during the first months of the year, coinciding with the policies promoted by President Javier Milei in Argentina, the price gap was narrowing. However, in recent weeks “these queues of cars have been seen crossing into the province of Between rivers”, as defined by the mayor of Leap, Andres Lima, in reference to the Uruguayans who cross the pond to do shopping tourism.

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