Ayuso’s medal to Milei “for humping” Sánchez: why it is awarded, who received it before and the probable mass bath in Puerta del Sol

Ayuso’s medal to Milei “for humping” Sánchez: why it is awarded, who received it before and the probable mass bath in Puerta del Sol
Ayuso’s medal to Milei “for humping” Sánchez: why it is awarded, who received it before and the probable mass bath in Puerta del Sol

The visit of Javier Milei Spain was hiding a surprise, which was finally confirmed to be a meeting with Isabel Diaz Ayuso. More than that, the president of Argentina will be awarded the International Medal of the Community of Madrid, a recognition that is a message in itself and takes on greater relevance in a context of diplomatic crisis: the Government withdrew the Spanish ambassador in Buenos Aires once found that Milei was not going to correct the statement that Begoña Gómez is “corrupt” or after hearing that Pedro Sanchez He is a “coward” and a “liar.”

At Puerta del Sol they are preparing a warm welcome for the president, who will sign the Book of Honor and will be presented, in addition to the aforementioned insignia, with a laudatory speech by Díaz Ayuso, who has never hidden his predilection for the leader of La Libertad. Keep it up. If the protocol of previous occasions is replicated, Madrid residents and tourists who walk at that time – around 7:00 p.m. – through the place, one of the busiest in Madrid and especially on a Friday, will be able to see the protagonist get out of the car , it is unknown if also on the large balcony from which he could greet those gathered.

Milei was flying to Madrid for another reason, not very different. To collect the Juan de Mariana Award at the Real Casino of Madrid. And like recently, when she did it to support Vox, without an official agenda in either Moncloa or Zarzuela. Executive sources assure Infobae that Casa Rosada “has not communicated anything”, so it cannot guarantee that the Argentine president will enjoy the means, mainly in terms of security, that any senior leader visiting our country has. It appears as a private trip.

Isabel Díaz Ayuso awards Daniel Noboa the International Medal of the Community of Madrid.

The International Medal, “the most relevant and prestigious” awarded by the Government of the region – says the decree that creates it – dates back to 2017, then with Cristina Cifuentes commanding. It is done “as recognition and respect of the citizens of the Community of Madrid to the representatives of foreign countries and top dignitaries of international organizations on an official visit for their institutional work.” And the president decides. It is Díaz Ayuso, no one else, who judges who deserves the imposition of the insignia, which is not accompanied by any financial benefit.

The decree also describes the medal, measuring 45 by 45 millimeters and 5 mm thick, with a gold cross “whose arms are formed by five-pointed stars” on the obverse, a buckle also made of gold and a ribbon “crimson red like the flag.” of the Community of Madrid”.

Javier Milei will receive the International Medal of the Community of Madrid this Friday.

The beneficiaries can still be counted on the fingers of one hand, who are Juan Guaidó (2020, as acting president of Venezuela), Apostolos Tzizikostas (2021, as president of the European Committee of the Regions), Volodymyr Zelensky (2022, on behalf of the Ukrainian people) and Daniel Noboa (2023, that day elected president of Ecuador). Of the latter, Díaz Ayuso highlighted “his defense of democracy, freedom, and prosperity that are so threatened on the American continent and also on this side of the Atlantic.”

Meanwhile, the Sánchez Government considers it “anomalous” that Milei does not want to meet with Sánchez and regrets the “deep disloyalty” of Díaz Ayuso. More colloquial, Patxi Lopez, spokesperson for the PSOE in Congress, believes that the president of Madrid is doing this “to be annoying.” In any case, great expectation on both sides in the hours prior to the landing of someone who, in his fleeting passage in May, managed to focus the news around his figure and his words. Sánchez’s call to vote “left-handed” in the European elections, marked by the libertarian, did not go unnoticed.

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