Food Emergency Declared in Viedma – ADN

Food Emergency Declared in Viedma – ADN
Food Emergency Declared in Viedma – ADN

(ADN).- In the midst of the controversy over food distribution and the lack of food containment programs from the national and provincial governments, the Deliberative Council of Viedma approved – by majority – the Declaration of the Food Emergency for one year. It is the first political message against Alberto Weretilneck’s management made by the councilors of the provincial capital.

However, the debate intensified with the intervention of the libertarian councilor, Silvina Franco. There was no defense of the Ministry of Human Development led by Juan Pablo Muena. Mayor Marcos Castro saved his clothes due to the validity of the PROA card.

The approved ordinance (with eight of the nine positive votes) contains the formation of a Board with participants from different sectors, which will be led by the Executive Branch.

Lorena Alan (Vamos con Todos), Luciano Ruiz (JSRN) and María Andría (Cambia Río Negro) supported the affirmative vote on the norm.

“This initiative is the product of an alarming need for access to something as valuable as food,” said Alan, promoter of the ordinance, an active member of social organizations in Viedma.

He also mentioned the proposal for various soup kitchens and picnic areas in the city, as well as “the need of the people who are in the neighborhood, who are the ones who know and suffer.” “You just have to visit the popular neighborhoods to know the role that these spaces play, apart from food,” he added.

Regarding national policy, he criticized that “6,000 tons of food that are about to expire are not delivered, which speaks of the contempt for those who ask for a food deadline.”

With reference to the provincial government, Alan warned that “we are still waiting for Minister Muena to come forward to carry out the agreed surveys.”

Finally, he recognized the task of the municipality of Viedma “because they are providing food to the different community spaces and with the help of the PROA card.”

“We have to stop using boys”

The Libertad Avanza councilor, Silvina Franco, was the only dissonant voice. She said that “we must stop using the children” and responded that “no food (in reference to what the national government has in its warehouses) has expired, but rather it is for use in supernatural emergencies.”

“There have been homeless people in Viedma for 30 years and they have not multiplied since December 10,” he noted.

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