Officials and contractors of the Ministry of Social Welfare are trained in Strategic Planning

In an effort to improve the provision of services to citizens, officials and contractors of the Ministry of Social Welfare participated in an induction and re-induction day to strengthen leadership and human talent within the Public Administration.

This training space, fundamental for institutional development, was led by the Support Unit of this agency, with the main objective of familiarizing staff with the mission of the Mayor’s Office of Santiago de Cali.

María Teresa Rodríguez, head of the Office, highlighted its importance. “These training meetings with the Secretariat staff are designed to improve our process, learn about the entity, the structure and, above all, its mission, which serves as a guide in our daily work.” She in turn, she added. “Approaching the mission of the Mayor’s Office of Cali from a social organization allows us to guarantee the provision of a quality service, through adequate planning and effective management of public resources.”

At the meeting, topics such as the Organization’s organizational structure were also discussed, an approach to the Integrated Planning and Management Model (MIPG) was made, and institutional policies and objectives were made known.

With these initiatives, the Ministry of Social Welfare reaffirms its commitment to the Cali community, ensuring that the services offered are of the highest quality and efficiency, contributing to the well-being of the population.

Johana Bueno Ríos


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