Car bomb attack at Nariño Police Station

Car bomb attack at Nariño Police Station
Car bomb attack at Nariño Police Station

A car bomb was activated in the vicinity of the Police station of the town of Remolinos, jurisdiction of the municipality of Taminango north of Nariño on the borders with the Department of Cauca. Although preliminary information indicated the death of two people, including a police assistant, RCN Radio managed to establish that the final balance is 10 people injured, two of them seriously.

The National Police report indicates that: “At 6:20 p.m., an explosive device was detonated against the police facilities in the Remolino district. of Taminango, leaving as a preliminary result 10 people injured, including 2 uniformed officers who identified themselves as Patrolman Duran Gómez and Police Assistant Santiago Ríos Morenoapparently with more serious injuries.”

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In this same sense it was pronounced andl Secretary of the Government of Nariño, Benildo Estupiñan: “Indeed they have reported the activation of an explosive device, a car bomb in that subregion near the department of Cauca There are some injured, some seriously, others slightly seriously. We are asking the authorities clarify the facts and determine if there are human losses.”

However, it must be clarified that It is expected to know the medical report of two people who were transferred to the city of Pasto by ambulancea police officer and a woman, since it was mentioned that they had lost their lives on the journey, For now, the report indicates that there is no loss of human life. and that an official statement is expected from the civil and military authorities that will clarify the perpetrators of the attack.

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The area is subject to group interference illegal armed groups such as the Franco Benavides Column of the FARC dissidents, in addition to groups that commit crimes in Cauca that use this road corridor to flee from the military operations that are taking place there. The town of Remolinos is without electricity as a result of the explosion.


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