One of six pet stores in Armenia complies with handling protocol –

Author: Natalia Trujillo Varela

Among the verifications it carries out is the animal welfare component.

In order to guarantee the good ownership of animals of different species in sales and exhibition establishments, the Government Secretariat carries out visits seeking to comply with Law 84 of 1989 on animal welfare.

To guarantee the responsible ownership of animals in sales and exhibition establishments, the Government Secretariat carries out control visits, complying with Law 84 of 1989 on animal welfare.

The Ministry of Government and Coexistence inspected the six pet stores in Armenia according to agreement 178 of 2020. Three of them are in the process of improvement with established deadlines. A store did not comply with the records or guarantee biosafety and animal welfare, so it was given a period of 5 days to remove the animals. After this period, the store regularized its documentation but exceeded the number of authorized species, which will be sent to the Police inspection.

Only one store fully complies with animal welfare, facilities and registration requirements. The sixth store is still within the 20-day deadline to meet the improvement plan.

The criteria evaluated include establishment registration, animal health and biosafety, vaccination, deworming, first aid, adaptation and disinfection of spaces, and comprehensive care for animals.

Sara Rendón Cardona, veterinarian of the Government Secretariat, explained that compliance with Law 84 of 1989 and Law 1774 of 2016 is verified, which protect animals against suffering and pain caused by man.

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The Government Secretariat has been carrying out semi-annual visits since 2020. Depending on the situation and criteria of the veterinarian, periods of up to one month are given to improve.

One of the establishments did not meet any requirements during the June 4 visit, so it was ordered to remove all animals until authorization was obtained. On a recent visit, the store was found to exceed permitted species.

Non-compliance is referred to the Police inspection. Findings include keeping animals in small cages, mixing of species and general poor management.

Rendón Cardona stated that they seek to guarantee the well-being and proper ownership of animals, although they cannot eradicate the sale of pets.

Mostly, stores sell ornamental birds. So far no animals have been removed, but in cases of extreme non-compliance, they are transferred to the zoonosis center while the Police determine their fate.


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