Focus on the San José Commune

Focus on the San José Commune
Focus on the San José Commune

The historical debt that the municipal Administration as an entity has with the San José Commune and its inhabitants, former and current, will hopefully begin to be paid off soon. The Mayor’s Office of Jorge Eduardo Rojas, as part of the restructuring processes to clean up the municipality’s finances, decided that it is necessary to liquidate the Manizales Urban Renewal Company (ERUM) as in charge since 2009 of the San José Macroproject, which due to its multiple failures and disasters is called Macrodesaster, since it displaced about 10 thousand people and is still not over.
15 years have passed since ERUM began with this failed project by former mayor Juan Manuel Llano. He proposed improving the living conditions of the Commune, faced with vulnerable areas from a physical-territorial perspective and with social problems such as overcrowding. In 14 components, he proposed building housing of different types, a large recreational sports park, ecological trails, a community center, a macro-school, a pair of roads to decongest the city in an east-west direction, risk mitigation in unstable areas, protection of areas and urban furniture. and institutional. Llano was followed by three mayors, including the first Rojas Administration, and of everything promised by Llano, not even half was consolidated.
That is why the liquidation of the ERUM, which had just managed another failed urban renewal process, that of Lower Switzerland, is now viewed favorably; land that ended up sold to private projects. The investments that the ERUM reports having made for $256,447,710,832 in San José have not provided quality of life, but they have been quite questioned; This is without taking into account that the Nation also contributed resources as the Macroproject of national social interest was declared and thanks to that the school and part of the housing for low-income families could be built.
It acts responsibly with the city by not maintaining an entity like the ERUM, with a deteriorated image to venture into other urban businesses, and which, as determined by a financial viability study, was generating losses for the Municipality. What must come now, in addition to the liquidation of the Company, estimated to take six months, is to make very clear how the trust established for the management of the autonomous assets of the Macroproject will be managed, which will be transferred to Infimanizales to finish consolidating what pending, except for the housing component that will be in charge of the Ministry to execute it. Neither of them should continue to incur delays with the works that are missing or have to be modified.

Likewise, the Mayor’s Office must determine which entities of the Municipality are going to take care of the San José Commune, where there are still remnants, almost ruins, of what was a disorderly and improvised purchase of land and demolition to generate the land that this Macroproject required. There you could think about taking advantage of these lands, part of it in urban furniture to compensate the community with what it has never had in green and recreational areas, and the rest of it for sale for urbanization projects, but above all think about the people who are still settled on the slopes and who must be relocated. That would somewhat offset all the negative impacts of the Macrodisaster.

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