He won $100 million in the casino and has not received the prize for two years: the ridiculous offer they made him

He won $100 million in the casino and has not received the prize for two years: the ridiculous offer they made him
He won $100 million in the casino and has not received the prize for two years: the ridiculous offer they made him

On Thursday, July 7, 2022, Antonio Miranda had a stroke of luck. That afternoon, at the Río Gallegos casino, placed $6,000 in a slot machinehe made 10 plays and a bright sign made his face shine.

The immediate joy faded a few minutes later, when a casino employee told him that The $100,000,000 he had won did not exist. what had been a system error. Immediately afterwards, the woman unplugged the machine, restarted its functions and asked Miranda to go home, as she was not going to charge anything.

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Despite this, the 57-year-old man managed to take a photo showing the amount he had won. “The room manager told me that I was dishonest for wanting to collect what I won”Miranda said at that time.

Almost two years after that episode, Miranda waits a new audience -scheduled for next June 27-, in which he and his lawyer, doctor Gustavo Insaurraldethey will face the casino authorities in the presence of the judge.

The casino manager told him that the machine had a fault (Photo: TN).

“We spent a year with negotiations and They did not improve the last offerthat is why we decided to initiate legal action to collect the prize through judicial means,” explained Dr. Insaurralde to TN. “The lawsuit was answered by the casino, but there will be a hearing requested by the judge for the parties to make a serious proposal or for the judicial process to continue. The idea is to reach a better agreement”he added.

The first offer Antonio received was $200,000. The casino’s argument is that this machine does not award a prize greater than $250,000. “Later they improved the offer, but not much more. They were the only two times they proposed something. Antonio didn’t even think about it“said the lawyer.

The charge of the authorities of the gaming house (Photo: TN)

During these years, Antonio lost his job and suffered a serious accident that caused a deep cut on his head. “He is a very humble, hard-working person, a construction employee. He is from Formosa, but lives in Santa Cruz. All of this exposure caused his mental health to deteriorate,” said Mirando’s lawyer.

Then he explained: “The father who raised him died, he is alone with his mother. He had a work accident where he suffered a cut on his head and received 12 stitches.. Now he does odd jobs and works as best he can.”

Antonio Miranda is 57 years old and lives with his mother (Photo: Courtesy of El Diario Nuevo Día).

The casino’s argument remains the same: a failure in the machine system. However, the complaint also mentioned the actions of the employee after the poster with the $100,000,000 appeared.

The machine cannot be turned off or restarted. And if there was an error, it was a lack of maintenance or control of the casino, Antonio had nothing to do with it,” Insaurralde said.

“The idea is, like any process, to reach a good arrangement. Because behind this case there is a person who needs his prize, or at least a good settlement that will allow him to put an end to this. He can’t wait 10 years“said the lawyer.

Antonio published a video to ask that Justice rule in his favor (Video: TikTok @dr.gustavoinsaurralde / Photo: Courtesy of La Opinión Austral).

Miranda has faith that he will receive a large part of the prize after hearing about a similar case that occurred more than a decade ago in Chaco, where the winner also went to court to obtain the prize. In this case, Miranda wants to be offered at least $80,000,000.

In a video published on social networks, Antonio completed: “If God willing and Justice tips the scales in my favor, I ask the people of Santa Cruz and the Argentine people to make this video viral so I can obtain my prize, which I got it in good faith”.

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