Concern in Bariloche about the advance of high-rise buildings

The proliferation of buildings of up to seven floors that a decade ago affected part of the Belgrano neighborhood and that now it would be at the doors of A second wave generated a reaction from the neighborhood council, from where they emerged energetic complaints to the municipality to request the suspension of these works, the public exhibition of the projects and the call for participation.

The signatories pointed out that If they do not obtain an “expeditious response” they have decided to “take legal action” to avoid the damage they attributed to “urban growth.”

The proposal arose in the traditional Belgrano neighborhoodlocated about eight blocks from the Civic Center, but It also includes the neighboring neighborhoods Las Margaritas and Jardín Botánico.

They pointed out thate due to regulations contained in the 1995 Urban Code, the neighborhood does not allow constructions larger than 300 square meters on plots of up to 500 square meters., which represents maximum three-story buildings. QBut some time ago several buildings of up to seven floors were authorized and built, in the lower sector of the neighborhood between Campichuelo streets and 20 de Febrero.

In recent years, several collective housing complexes have been built that have altered the appearance of the neighborhood. (Marcelo Martínez)

The president of the Belgrano neighborhood council, Mónica Alarcón Sánchez said that these works have already generated a strong impact and they are concerned that new projects will now appear “from Campichuelo upwards” and in the sector closest to Runge Hill, characterized by marked environmental fragility.

As indicated, the new rule that the town began to apply in the neighborhood allows the permitted density to be multiplied by eight and enables the construction of 24 housing units and up to 2,000 square meters on lots where only one family group previously lived.

They noted that these decisions represent “irreversible urban growth” and they have already begun to saturate “a neighborhood that was quiet”. They wondered if allowing these densities does not end up altering “the capacity of the entire city as a whole to support such growth.”

According to the neighborhood councils of the neighborhoods involved, The emergence of tall buildings affects the sunlight of streets and sidewalks, with greater presence of snow and ice in winter. TIt also causes a strong impact on basic services, When new natural gas connections are already prohibited, there are insufficiencies in the sanitation system and “constant water supply cuts are beginning to be noticed.”

In his writing They pointed out that the expansion of the city should be oriented towards the east and southr, as recommended in the Territorial Planning plan, and not force a greater densification of neighborhoods than Belgrano, today “crossed by the abrupt change in its building, historical and typical characteristics.”

The municipality promised answers

ANDThe secretary of Territorial Planning of the municipality, Aldo Painemil, sought to deactivate the alarm, He assured that there are no new approvals for high-rise buildings in that area and said that the neighbors are called to a meeting for next week in which they will evaluate the issue and seek to remove all doubts.

Alarcón Sánchez said that despite these demonstrations they see that “They are building” buildings that, by their foundations, anticipate “towers” ​​of significant size. and considered that there are permits granted “between midnight and midnight.”

He insisted that from the municipality “they have not consulted the neighborhood council at all” and? Nor have the projects and parameter changes been aired in the Strategic Planning Council, an advisory body that was created by ordinance 15 years ago for these cases, but which is deactivated.

“They jumped all the limits -complained the neighborhood leader-. Works like this could be done on large plots of land, which there are no longer available in the neighborhood. But Small batches cannot withstand such masses. In addition, there are impacts on traffic, because there are many new inhabitants and they leave their cars on the street, because they are not required to have enough parking.”

I point out that They hope that the characteristic and “identity” of the Belgrano neighborhood will be “respected” and stressed that the advance on Runge Hill is “especially dangerous,” as well as the threat of the same type that weighs on the Botánico and Las Margaritas neighborhoods.

According to Alarcón Sánchez, “this area should be intangible, with integration projects, even proposing a walk for tourism, which to see so many buildings they already have in their cities. In Bariloche they look for open places, with green space and contact with nature.”

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