Exchange rate today in Cuba. Price of the dollar, the euro and the MLC

The informal currency market in Cuba has started the day without variations in the prices of the main currencies, remaining stable compared to the previous day.

This Saturday, the reference values ​​for the dollar, the euro and the freely convertible currency (MLC) remain unchanged. The US dollar continues to be quoted at 360 CUP, the euro at 375 CUP and the MLC at 300 CUP, the same as the previous day.

If there are no significant changes throughout the day, the exchange rates will continue to be the same as those previously recorded.

Exchange rates today 06/22/2024

Dollar (USD) to CUP: 360 CUP
Euro (EUR) to CUP: 375 CUP
MLC to CUP: 300 CUP
Equivalences between euros and US dollars and Cuban pesos (CUP):

US Dollar (USD):

1 USD: 360 CUP
5 USD: 1,800 CUP
10 USD: 3,600 CUP
20 USD: 7,200 CUP
50 USD: 18,000 CUP
100 USD: 36,000 CUP
Euro (EUR):

1 EUR: 375 CUP
5 EUR: 1,875 CUP
10 EUR: 3,750 CUP
20 EUR: 7,500 CUP
50 EUR: 18,750 CUP
100 EUR: 37,500 CUP
Freely Convertible Currency (MLC):

1 MLC: 300 CUP
5 MLC: 1,500 CUP
10 MLC: 3,000 CUP
20 MLC: 6,000 CUP
50 MLC: 15,000 CUP
100 MLC: 30,000 CUP
Context and rates of change

The current stability offers a respite in the midst of constant market fluctuations, allowing citizens to carry out their transactions with greater predictability. However, at the moment they do not influence the reduction in prices of essential goods. On the other hand, the possibility of a rebound in the values ​​of these currencies is always present due to economic instability and high demand for currencies.

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