They propose to provide free deeds to homes for family use

They propose to provide free deeds to homes for family use
They propose to provide free deeds to homes for family use

One of the conditions proposed by the project is that “the applicant is up to date with the payment of taxes, fees and contributions that weigh on the property that is intended to be registered, as well as accrediting access to the property through a purchase and sale ticket, transfer of rights or exchange in its favor, on behalf of the legitimate owners.

The project in question has the objective of allowing citizens who require it, access to the deed of those properties intended for single housing and of modest values, properties obtained through their own efforts and in a legitimate manner, but that, despite the efforts of Its owners have not been able to access the deed.

This will make it possible to improve taxpayers’ access to credit, which will result in greater possibilities of expanding or renovating said properties, thus generating other additional benefits.

Regarding the deed, it may be granted by the General Government Notary Office or by registry notaries, as determined by the regulations, for which “the executive branch is empowered to sign the corresponding agreements, with the beneficiary exempt from paying the fees.” notaries, as well as the taxes and stamps necessary for the documentation prior to and concomitant with the deed and registration.”

financial recovery

On the other hand, the Constitutional Affairs and Justice commission (A) this week resumed the treatment of the project sent by the Ministry of Infrastructure that promotes a organization in the status of housing plans and programs, through a more agile and modern property regularization procedure to reverse the current high delinquency rates. At the same time, the body chaired by Deputy Ernesto Novoa (DC-Community) issued an order for war veterans to be summoned and participate in all patriotic events at the primary school level.

During the meeting, the different political forces made inquiries regarding the scope of the financial recovery project for housing units, which will be sent to the IPVU. The treatment led to a debate around housing policy with considerations regarding recovery, the destiny of exclusively institutional housing to establish health, security and education professionals in the interior, the social demand for own roof and the need to regulate the acquisition of housing, among other aspects.


Deputies of Constitutional Affairs, during a commission meeting.

The project, which seeks to implement the so-called “Housing Sustainability Program” will be resumed at the next meeting which, according to Novoa, may be set up together with the Finance and Budget, Accounts and Public Works Commission (B) next Tuesday with the aim to issue dispatches, prior to the winter recess, of those projects that remain under analysis in committee and that have consensus for their approval.

From the DC-Community bloc, Novoa advanced his position by leaning in favor of the final wording including a sanction “without any type of contemplation” for those people who did not comply with the conditions and rented, irregularly, their flat home. housing. Furthermore, he required that “the law contemplates all situations” by highlighting that not all inhabitants of the province are oil workers nor do they have high salaries. “That access to housing has a degree of equity,” concluded the head of the official bloc.

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