“The hypothesis that it was lost is being diluted,” said Patricia Bullrich.

As the days go by there are more mystery due to the disappearance of Loan Danilo Peña in Corrientes. Now the Minister of National Security, Patricia Bullrich, maintained that “the hypothesis that he was lost is increasingly diluted as the days go by,” and on behalf of the federal forces she indicated: “We may think that there is someone that I can have it.”

In dialogue with the radio program Súper Miter, Bullrich explained: “We are very cautious and silent because, Any failure of information that reaches someone who may have it could be the end.”

Meanwhile, the official ruled out visiting Corrientes and justified: “I have many more possibilities to analyze things from here. I have the scientific offices with the information on the screens.” Likewise, she considered that “Going to the middle of the area would provide nothing more than a photo.”

Regarding the hypothesis that Loan Danilo Peña is no longer in Argentina, the official commented that “Corrientes is a province that has a lot of borders,” and that is why He highlighted that Interpol launched the blue card for the search for missing people which “puts all neighboring countries on alert.”
For her part, the minister pointed out that “the federal Justice has preventively opened a file but the case is still being carried out by the provincial Justice,” and highlighted that the National Security forces have been working in the search area “from the first “the day the Sofia Alert was launched.”

In this regard, he mentioned that “in these commands there must be a verticality of who organizes,” and stressed that “the Federal Forces are carrying out the areas that they are given to patrol.” Meanwhile, Bullrich commented that More federal troops could be added: “As many as necessary.”


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