Education. 1820 people attended the Second Management Roundtable

Education. 1820 people attended the Second Management Roundtable
Education. 1820 people attended the Second Management Roundtable

The detail indicates that a total of 93 agents from different agencies made up the Ministerial Committee.

They were the following: Secretariat of Educational Management; Education directions: Initial, Primary, Secondary, Higher, Professional Technical and Private. Titles Directorate, General Coordination of Educational Modalities. Modalities: Youth and Adults, Intercultural Bilingual and Rural, Special, Hospital and Home, in the Context of Confinement and Artistic. Department of Curriculum Development, Coordination of the Provincial Literacy Plan, Secretariat of Socio-educational Policies: Directorate of Student Welfare, Directorate of Community Education, General Coordination of Educational Regions.

Secretariat of Educational Infrastructure: Directorate of Maintenance of School Buildings.

Secretariat of Strategic Planning: Directorate of Planning, Information and Educational Evaluation, Directorate of Educational Innovation – Conectar LAB.

Provincial Directorate of Administration: Head of Human Resources, Head of Liquidations, General Coordination of Internal Control, Directorate of Comprehensive Educational Support, General Institutional Coordination – UNPAE. Provincial Personnel Directorate – Pension Management Area.

Of the 1,820 people who attended, 1,036 were attended to at the Titles Department and 2,143 authenticated copies of titles were made.

Likewise, 147 agents from educational institutions belonging to Region IV attended the Initial, Primary, Secondary, Higher and Vocational Training Levels training.

At the meeting with supervisors and management teams (Club San Pedro): 101 attendees. In various consultations: 286 people approached the different jobs in the ministerial agencies. In the Directorate of Primary Education, the Extended Day Workshop had 38 participants. EDI advice and reception: 40 procedures.

At the Strategic Planning Secretariat, the SINIDE training had 45 attendees. ADM (Mobile Digital Classroom) and NEXO training: 68 participants. Conectar LAB: carried out robotics demonstrations with the different courses of the “José Ingenieros” Commerce School No. 1.

For its part, the Secretariat of Socio-Educational Policies held the School Cooperators Workshop with 21 attendees. Training on Child Development Centers: 38 participants.

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