Cubaindustria 2024, the challenge | Cuba Yes

Cubaindustria 2024, the challenge | Cuba Yes
Cubaindustria 2024, the challenge | Cuba Yes

Cuba has installed productive capacities and the take-off of the national industry, business interaction, and the application of science and technology intrinsically linked to that process depend in part on their proper use.

On this path, the IV edition of Cubaindustria 2024 was held, from June 17 to 21, an event that held in unison the IV International Scientific Convention and an exhibition display of the country’s industrial potential.

At the end, the meeting left a positive balance with the signing of 43 legal instruments between contracts and letters of intent for the development of business projects and alliances with a view to integration and complementarity. Precisely, in correspondence with the motto that the Ministry of Industries (Mindus) designated for the conclave: For greater complementarity, integration and international insertion for industrial development.

With this objective in mind, the Business Groups of the Recycling Industry, Chemical Industry, Light Industry, Electronic Industry, Steel Industry and Metalworking Industry came together to make their capabilities and potential visible.

It was an edition marked by having an Industrial Development Policy, which served as a common thread in each of the events and congresses, and the exhibition fair. According to the vice minister of Mindus, Ernesto Cedeño, the exhibition held at Pabexpo was attended by more than a thousand participants, including 168 foreigners from 11 countries, which ratified the existing relationships between producers, and technological and commercial partners of the sector. .

He highlighted the holding of the online seminar on the mechanisms to support industrial cooperation of the Eurasian Economic Union, the III Design Forum, and the presentation of new products intended for the population, exports and the economy in general.

Of particular importance, he considered, were the meetings held between the United Nations Organization for Industrial Development (Onudi) and Cuban businessmen in order to identify international cooperation projects.


Meanwhile, 10 congresses met at the IV International Convention at the Convention Palace. Among them, the XVI International Recycling Congress, IV Electronics and Automatic Congress, and the XIX Metallurgical Congress.

The scientific conferences were completed by the IV Congress of Containers and Packaging HabanaPack 2024, the XII International Congress of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Renewable Energy Reclien 2024, the IV Congress of the Chemical Industry, the IV Congress of Metal Mechanics, the IV Congress of Maintenance, IV Congress of Quality Management and Environmental Protection, and the Electromobility Workshop.

More than 1,300 delegates attended these debates, 63 keynote conferences were given, 300 presentations were given, and there was a representation of more than 100 foreigners from Germany, Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia, Mexico, Argentina and Russia, said the executive vice president of Cubaindustria 2024.

This led to a broad exchange between specialists, academics, scientists, experts, students and technological partners who presented high-level scientific and technical work for the evaluation and solution of the main problems of the economy and industry. This, together with the need to reduce the imported component of production, increase sovereignty and ensure the implementation of the nation’s industrial development projection.

The academic presentations had as objectives greater integration, complementarity and international insertion of the industry and its development, the use of installed capacities and the increase in production to, as far as possible, respond to the demands of the national economy and the export. In Cedeño’s opinion, these investigations will allow the main problems of the industry to be managed with the incorporation of science and innovation, and the necessary implementation in the work systems of each organization.

He stressed the importance of the international course taught by experts from the World Packaging Organization and the presentation of the Sustainable Development Goal No. 9 Accelerator platform by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO).

Another significant achievement, he added, was the signing of agreements to strengthen the management of science and innovation of the Villa Clara Scientific and Technological Park with the Scientific and Technological Park of Havana and the University of Havana. Previously, when inaugurating the meeting, the Cuban Minister of Industries, Eloy Álvarez, highlighted its relevance and recalled that it would be held in the midst of a complex international context, associated with the impacts of the international economic crisis and the intensification of the economic, financial and commercial blockade of the United States that tries to suffocate the Cuban economy.

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