They offer $50 million for alias Mata, accused of car bombing in Nariño

In the departments of Nariño and Cauca the search for alias Mata, alleged responsible for the car bomb in the municipality of Taminango, which left three dead and twelve people injured.

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The authorities offer 50 million pesos for information that leads to the whereabouts of this subject. Nine of those injured in this attack remain hospitalized in Pasto.

The victims of the car bomb in Nariño

This terrorist attack left twelve injured and three fatalities. The families of these people ask that the absurd war stop and that this crime not go unpunished.

The fatalities are: Santiago Juseph Moreno Ríos, police assistant, Jonier Alexander Valencia, dump truck driver, 21 years old; and María Ligia Meléndez, a 56-year-old merchant from Taminango.

In the town of Remolino the magnitude of the attack is still evident. Dozens of homes and vehicles were impacted by shrapnel.

After a security council, the authorities took action. Benildo Estupiñán, Secretary of the Government of Nariño, reported that “A reward is offered in the amount of 50 million pesos. “We will not give room for criminals and terrorists to commit other acts.”

Not even the animals were saved from the car bomb in Nariño

In the middle of the attack at the Remolino Police substation three dogs died: Courage, Choco and Paloma, who months ago had been adopted by uniformed officers of the institution.

The township remains heavily guarded and troops from the National Army continue to arrive in the area.

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