The University Union Front demands decent wages

The University Trade Union Front will hold a three-day protest next week, demanding “decent wages” in addition to a rally scheduled for Tuesday the 25th in front of the Pizzurno Palace.

The national days of protest and visibility will extend on Tuesday, June 25, Wednesday, June 26, and Thursday, June 27, in addition to the demonstration in front of the ministry on Tuesday at 12 noon.

“Without decent salaries the university does not function,” they reported in a statement.

The protesters request the immediate reopening of joint ventures, highlighted Conadu representatives.

“The national university conflict remains open, due to the government’s decision to increase only 10% of the university budget corresponding to operating expenses and freezing the remaining 90% that corresponds to the salaries of those of us who work in universities,” they maintained.

And they added that “without decent salaries and with 60% of teaching workers below the poverty line, no public university is possible.” (ST)


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