Inti Asprilla attacked those who created a “scandal” over the temporary closure of Doña Segunda: “Hypocrites!”

Inti Asprilla attacked those who created a “scandal” over the temporary closure of Doña Segunda: “Hypocrites!”
Inti Asprilla attacked those who created a “scandal” over the temporary closure of Doña Segunda: “Hypocrites!”

Inti Asprilla assured that the people who criticize the closure of the picket line did not question the eviction of street vendors in Bogotá in 2016 – credit Colprensa

The National Tax and Customs Directorate (Dian) closed 19 commercial establishments in Bogotá for not complying with the electronic invoicing requirement and generated a wave of criticism because among the affected businesses is the famous Doña Segunda picket line, located in the 12th neighborhood of October.

Several people spoke out on the matter and assured that the measure of a three-day closure was excessive, especially considering that the woman in charge of the establishment is an older adult.. Then, they accused the national government of not caring about the country’s senior citizens, workers and job creators.

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Due to the large amount of criticism of the national government and Dian, Green Alliance senator Inti Asprilla questioned those who alleged that an injustice is being committed. To support his point of view, he recalled what happened with street vendors during the administration of former mayor Enrique Peñalosa in Bogotá (2016-2019).

Creating a tremendous scandal for a temporary closure of Doña Segunda, and when there were thousands of street vendors run over by Peñalosa, they, although in poverty, did not say a word., and even applauded the “recovery of public space.” Hypocrites!!”, indicated the congressman on his X account (formerly Twitter).

Inti Asprilla questioned those who criticized the closure of the Doña Segunda picket line – credit @intiasprilla/X

In 2016, the former mayor undertook an operation to recover public space in Bogotá through the eviction of some street vendors, among other measures. “Peñalosa continues with his idea of ​​ignoring the very high labor informality that exists in Colombia as the main cause of informal sales in the city and, instead, intends to continue pursuing the sellers as criminals throughout the towns,” said the then councilor. Manuel Sarmiento in a debate.

However, according to a statement from the Bogotá Mayor’s Office in October 2016, the public space recovery strategy involved proposals for informal workers. Well, 235 street vendors took part in different programs, of which 86 decided to work in kiosks and 69 requested a module in commercial areas.. In addition, 64 received training, 3 were located in market places or mecato points and 13 requested help for labor intermediation.

Enrique Peñalosa was the target of criticism in 2016 for his strategy of “recovery of public space” that involved the eviction of street vendors in Bogotá – credit Mauricio Dueñas Castañeda/EFE

The president of the National Federation of Merchants (Fenalco), Jaime Alberto Cabal, was one of the people who rejected the sanction imposed by Dian on commercial establishments, especially Doña Segunda. In X’s account he assured that the lack of electronic billing cannot be considered tax evasion.

Besides, indicated that there should be proportionality on the part of the entity when deciding what sanctions to impose and to whom. She gave as an example Doña Segunda, the owner of the picket yard, who, from her perspective, should receive “dignified treatment” because her business generates jobs.

The Doña Segunda Piqueteadero was closed for not complying with electronic billing – credit Bogotá Mayor’s Office/website

“@FenalcoNacional has been the union that, par excellence, has accompanied @DIANColombia in socializing and raising awareness with members regarding the implementation of electronic invoices, which is why we know that a reform is urgently needed to prevent those who have not yet adopted or are in the process of implementing electronic invoices are not persecuted and punished as if they had committed a crime. Administrative authorities must act in consideration of the particular conditions of citizens“said the president of Fenalco.

Jaime Alberto Cabal expressed solidarity with Mrs. Segunda after the closure of her picket line – credit @JaimeA_Cabal/X

In the midst of multiple criticisms, Dian issued a statement in which it explained that when electronic invoicing is handled, it is helping to combat the crime of tax evasion. In this way, the country also has more resources to invest in improving the quality of life of its citizens.

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