Can vs. Bottle survey in Colombia resolves the great debate

Can vs. Bottle survey in Colombia resolves the great debate
Can vs. Bottle survey in Colombia resolves the great debate

Through a survey conducted through Instagram, more than 17,000 Colombians spoke and made it clear that, in the beer debate, the canned presentation is the winner over the traditional bottle. 99 percent of those surveyed highlight that the canned product can be taken anywhere. The convenience of portability from the store to the walk or the field beats the bottle. Point for the can.

Another result to consider is that 97 percent of Colombians prefer to have canned beer when dancing. Stating that with several cans on the table in the store or bar you can dance and trip without worrying about breaking everything and making a mess. It’s safe. Another point for the can.

In terms of economics, the beer can trumps the bottle. 94 percent of Colombians surveyed value the fact that it does not require a deposit when purchasing it, making it a more convenient alternative. Additionally, 89 percent of survey participants also mentioned that, when organizing in the refrigerator, cans take up less space, making it easier to organize and prepare to serve guests. It is easy to store.

On the other hand, 61 percent of women who participated in the recent survey highlight that canned beer stays colder longer, in contrast to 50 percent of men who highlight this same benefit. Two more points for the can.

Respondents nationwide prefer the can over the bottle in two crucial aspects: ease of uncapping (85 percent preference, above the national average) and speed of cooling (71 percent preference, compared to the general average). Two more points for the can

In short, the results of the survey indicate that, although the bottle remains a classic, they reveal a strong preference among Colombians for drinking canned beer. However, the big winner of this debate is the Colombian consumer, because Andina beer, a brand of Central Cervecera de Colombia, listened to them. And to give them a convenient, modern and practical offer, it brings to the market a new presentation in a 310 ml ‘sleek’ can, a taller, thinner and more stylized container. With this presentation, Andina beer surprises with new moments of consumption and opens more possibilities for Colombians to try and choose their beer.

“Five years ago, Cerveza Andina arrived to energize the market and refresh Colombians with surprising alternatives and experiences. “By offering the market this new presentation in a 310 ml can with a price differential, we not only want to be attractive with something new that the consumer was asking for, but with more alternatives to the channel that allows it to have a greater margin and offer for its customers,” says Stephan Ramírez, Senior Brand Manager of Cerveza Andina.

According to the firm specialized in global market reports and trends, ‘Mordor Intelligence’, in its Canned Beer Market Report, share analysis, growth trends and forecasts, the global canned beer market is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 3.44 percent during the period 2023-2030. An indicator in favor of this format. The fastest growing region in canned beer consumption today is Asia Pacific and the market with the largest share is currently North America.

And Colombia joins this trend. A growing preference for canned beer among consumers is driving market growth since a canned beer, and even more so, in the 310 ml presentation, which is positioned as a particularly attractive option due to its multiple benefits, among them, a compact size ideal for portability and rapid cooling that allows you to enjoy a refreshing drink anytime, anywhere.

Although the survey reveals canned beer as the winner, passionate defenders of both sides will continue to be found on social media and in conversations in stores or bars. Although there will always be pros and cons of any presentation, in Colombia there will be room to give consumers more, more advantages, more moments of consumption, more options according to their lifestyle. So, whether in its traditional bottle or in its new presentation in a 310 ml can, Cerveza Andina comes to refresh what we are!

*Survey carried out from May 22 to 31, 2024 on consumer preferences “Can vs. Bottle” through influencers via Instagram. Sample: 17,282 respondents.

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