They carried out a “Preventive Operation” in the Department of Yerba Buena

They carried out a “Preventive Operation” in the Department of Yerba Buena
They carried out a “Preventive Operation” in the Department of Yerba Buena

With the objective of crime prevention and reducing road accidents due to driving in non-optimal conditions, personnel from the Northern Region Unit carried out a control deployment in different points of the Garden City and surrounding areas.

The inspector commissioner Ariel Galvanhead of the Police Operations Center of the Northern Regional Unit, referred to the planned operation.


“As ordered by the Northern Regional unit in charge of the chief commissioner Gustavo Beltran We continue with this operation for the long weekend. We are here in the city of Yerba Buena in order to launch it,” said Galván.

For his part, the inspector commissioner Walter Colombres reported the characteristics of the deployment. “We are going to have personnel from the different departments of Zone II under my charge, which include: San Javier, El Corte, Yerba Buena, Yerba Buena Brigade, Marti Coll and Villa Carmela. It will extend throughout the area, with members of the Motorized Police for the sole purpose of preventing crimes in all their manifestations; We also have the support of the Municipal Urban Guard,” explained Colombres.


When asked about the neighbors’ reception of this type of operation, Colombres highlighted that the increase in police presence is well received.

“The neighbor comes over and thanks both me and the chief commissioner. Hector Marin, head of the Yerba Buena Police Station. In this way we comply with the provisions of the Regional Unit, the Police Headquarters and the Minister of Security regarding the constant and preventive tour in the neighborhoods, mainly the most conflictive areas, in order to avoid crimes,” Colombres emphasized. .

As provided by the Ministry of Security, in charge of Eugenio Aguero Gamboa, This type of layout is implemented in a similar way by the five Regional Units, every weekend.

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