Five rescues in two days on Champaquí Hill

Five rescues in two days on Champaquí Hill
Five rescues in two days on Champaquí Hill

During the long weekend, personnel from the Department of High Risk Units (Duar) and volunteer firefighters from different locations carried out three rescue operations where they helped five people. All the rescues occurred on Cerro Champaquí, the highest peak in the province of Córdoba.

The first of the rescues occurred on Friday. It involved Duar personnel along with Volunteer Firefighters from Villa Yacanto, Villa Berna, Ciudad de América, Villa General Belgrano, Villa Rumipal and Santa Rosa.

This was the most complicated operation since they rescued a 53-year-old adult from Santa Fe who broke his ankle in the area of ​​the hill known as the Cave of 40. The entire descent was done on foot due to the difficulties in the area. .

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The second rescue occurred this Saturday, when Duar personnel rescued three men aged 25, 34 and 36 who had become disoriented during their hike through the mountain. They were all from Córdoba and were rescued in good health.

The last of the rescues was carried out in the last hours of Saturday where Duar personnel together with Volunteer Firefighters proceeded to help a 30-year-old young man west of Champaquí Hill. According to sources, he is a native of Rafaela, province of Santa Fe and is in good health.

All cases have the same pattern, according to specialists, they consider that the fog banks in these places make all mountain activities difficult, which is why they recommend greater caution.

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