There was a landslide of rocks and soil

There was a landslide of rocks and soil
There was a landslide of rocks and soil

What happened?

The frontal system that affected the Valparaíso region, and a large part of the central-southern area of ​​the country, has caused landslides in different sectors.

Such is the case of a building located on the Barón de Valparaíso hill, which is located on one of the slopes of the hill and where A structure at the rear of the property is at risk of collapse.

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The Meganoticias journalist, Danilo Villegasand who is in the area, explained that the fall of rocks and earth caused a sector of the property to lose part of the base of its structure.

“During the last few days, even more material, more earth, was released and there were landslides that caused this building to remain in that condition,” Villegas explained.

Landslide in building structure in Valparaíso

According to the communicator, the risk of an eventual collapse can be seen from the lower part of the port city, specifically from Diego Portales and Quillota streets, just steps from Argentina Avenue, one of the main arteries of the city.

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According to the information available so far, There are still no official reports from the authorities regarding the state in which said structure is located.

The Meganoticias journalist explained that, for now, there would be no delimitations or safeguards against any possible risks that could be generated in the place.

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