They murdered a man in a church parking lot

They murdered a man in a church parking lot
They murdered a man in a church parking lot

Hitmen aboard a motorcycle waited for a citizen to leave the headquarters of the Christian Family Center, of the city ​​of Monteriaon 21st Street between Carreras 1 and 2, near the Prosecutor’s Office, to shoot at him until end his life.

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According to the report of Major Manuel Rondón, of the Montería Metropolitan Police, The hitman act occurred at 1:00 in the afternoon of this Sunday June 23 in the parking lot of the evangelical church.

Although the authorities did not release the identity of the victim, it was preliminarily known through the Monterian society and people who were in the evangelical worship this Sunday that it is the merchant. Juan Carlos Mejía Uribe who arrived at the temple in the company of his wife and his mother-in-law, who is an evangelical pastor.

The man was going to ride his white and armored truck when they shot him.

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