The II meeting of women weavers of Neuquén will be held

Organized by the Undersecretariat of Culture, the activity will take place with free admission next Saturday, June 29, in the Alicia Fernández Rego Room in the city of Neuquén.

With the purpose of generating spaces for sociability between women weavers from various parts of the province of Neuquén, the Ministry of Human Development, Local Governments and Women, through the Undersecretariat of Culture, will hold the II meeting of women weavers of Neuquén . The event will take place next June 29, from 1 to 7 p.m., with free entry to the entire community.

From the Undersecretariat of Culture, dependent on the Secretariat of Culture, Inclusion and Community Management, it was reported that the activity is carried out with the purpose of sharing experiences and knowledge around the universe of weaving from an intercultural perspective, with safeguarding as a priority objective. of the various elements that involve this intangible cultural heritage.

In this way, the aim is to strengthen the ties between women who, in their daily work, weave the fabric of history and regional identity, having as their horizon the search to revitalize the warp of memory and ancestral knowledge.

In this sense, the artisan weaver from Neuquén, internationally awarded for her poncho making, Elvia Albornoz, highlighted “that at the meeting there will be workshops in which different weaving techniques will be taught: spinning, vertical, comb and frames.”

The call is open and interested people may register or make inquiries to the following email and telephone contacts: [email protected][email protected] or to the telephone numbers: 2994583465 (Elvia Albornoz) – 2995364885 (Nicolás Padín).


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