“Argentina is not for sale”: hundreds of people marched in Germany against Milei

“Argentina is not for sale”: hundreds of people marched in Germany against Milei
“Argentina is not for sale”: hundreds of people marched in Germany against Milei

Hundreds of protesters rejected the presence of President Javier Milei in Germany and questioned his government plan. With Argentine flags, banners and pots, the activists criticized the main libertarian economic policies. The questions arise within the framework of the extensive tour of Europe carried out by the national leader.

The demonstration took place on Sunday morning, prior to the “working” meeting with the German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz.. The Argentine head of state encountered the second protest against him since his arrival in that country when a group of locals and Argentine residents approached the vicinity of the Chancellery, where the exchange would take place, and deployed their force to express strong critics.

“Argentina is not for sale”: hundreds of people marched in Germany against Milei

Neoliberal misery”, “Milei, garbage, you are the dictatorship”, “Argentina is not for sale”, were some of the statements present at the demonstration during the day called by several groups, including HIJOS Deustschland. “No prizes for the ultra-right, no prizes for Milei,” read the slogan that called for the call to the streets.

I reject Milei

This was not the only episode that the libertarian had to face, given that on Saturday, after the presidential delegation disembarked at the Haffen Hotel in Hamburg, where the head of state was awarded, the first concentration against him took place. There, like this Sunday, a group of Germans and Argentines questioned the arrival of the President.

“Argentina is not for sale”: hundreds of people marched in Germany against Milei

Subsequently, a mobilization took place that began in the streets of St. Pauli HafenStraße, passed through the historic Fischmarkt Hamburg, through the Reeperbahn area, and concluded at the doors of the hotel. The series of protests are part of the Anti Milei Month, declared in Germany by the Assembly in Solidarity with Argentina (ASA), which involved a series of activities such as festivals, talks, and exhibitions against the presence of the libertarian.

Amid protests, Milei met with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz

As part of his new visit to Europe, President Javier Milei met this Sunday in Berlin with the German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz. Recently, the German government had spoken out against Milei’s statements against the president of Spain. The meeting with Scholz is the first official Milei has had with a Social Democratic head of government since he became president six months ago.

In this framethe national leader and Scholz held a meeting in a reduced format, without military honors or a press conference. “It is a very short working meeting, at the request of the Argentine president,” explained the spokesman for the German Executive, Steffen Hebestreit.

Milei arrived in Germany on Saturday, more precisely in Hamburg, where he received the Hayek Society prize. There she offered a speech defending the economic program that he has implemented since December 10, when he took office as national leader..

Accompanied by his sister Karina Milei, general secretary of the Presidency, and the rest of the entourage, the President traveled in a black limousine to the Empire Riverside hotel, located near the Hafen Hamburg Hotel, where he received a medal. Later, he went to Berlin to meet with Scholz.

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