Device explosion leaves 3 people injured in Quibdó, Chocó

An elderly woman who was sitting in a chair on the platform was injured. Photos by @CitaraTV

A tragedy struck Quibdó this Sunday, when an explosive device detonated in a business establishment located on Carrera 6. The explosion left three people injured, including a woman who was sitting in a chair after leaving the supermarket.

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On this Sunday afternoon, the tranquility of the municipality of Quibdó was abruptly interrupted by the explosion of an artifact in a supermarket in the center. According to preliminary information, three people have been injured, including a woman of approximately 75 years old.

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The event occurred around 3:00 pm, when an explosive device detonated in the commercial establishment, leaving three people injured.

Eyewitnesses reported that the explosion was deafening, causing panic among shoppers and supermarket staff.

A 75-year-old woman, who was resting in a chair after shopping, suffered serious injuries.

For her part, another of the affected people is a woman who told the media outlet Citara TV: “I stopped to sell some bananas. “I was on my back when I felt the blow on the back of my head.”

The third person who was injured is a man who was passing through the area.

The police are present in the area while the pertinent investigations are carried out and the structural damage caused by the explosion is assessed.

This tragic event has generated concern among the residents of Quibdó, who demand quick and effective responses from the authorities to guarantee security in the city.

According to the recent report of the Ombudsman’s Office, presented in Washington DC, the human rights situation in the country is critical.

The entity, through its Early Warning System (SAT), has issued 312 alerts since 2017, evidencing a significant increase in risks for the civilian population. Chocó is even part of the departments on the list.

The report, titled ‘The contrasts of humanitarian reality: a country seeking peace’, was presented at an academic discussion at American University.

In it, the Ombudsman, Carlos Camargo Assis, stressed the need to make the realities of human rights visible and promote state actions to mitigate these risks.

Relevant data from the Report

  1. Alerts Issued: Since 2017, the Ombudsman’s Office has issued 312 alerts for 427 municipalities and 22 non-municipalized areas in 32 departments. In 2023 alone, 39 alerts were issued, and so far in 2024, 13 more have been issued.
  2. Recommendations and Follow-up: More than 500 recommendations have been made to the government and 221 monitoring reports have been issued that reflect the increase in risk scenarios.
  3. Most Affected Departments: Antioquia and Chocó are the departments with the highest number of alerts, each with 36, followed by Valle del Cauca, Cauca and Nariño.

Call to action

Carlos Camargo Assis emphasized the need for an institutional response that protects communities. “Addressing the dynamics of the armed conflict and organized crime cannot be ignored by government institutions,” he stated.

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