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Coquimbo: Attack on religious dances forced the cancellation of scheduled activities

A worrying incident that occurred last Saturday night interrupted the annual activities held at the San Luis Parish, in Coquimbo.

According to what was indicated by Richard Espinoza, president of the Central Eastern Neighborhood Council, individuals attacked members of the groups and neighbors.

“At around 9:30 p.m. they were participating with their dances at the intersection of O’higgins and Portales streets, when the participants in the activity realized that three individuals began to harass some attendees. When at that moment the same members of the dances stopped the activity to arrest the subjects,” he said.

In the midst of the situation, one of the individuals outside the activity took out a firearm, “which he accidentally dropped to the ground.”

“The members of the religious dance immediately went to prevent him from taking the weapon and they picked it up. And the attackers took off. Minutes later they returned to the place and began throwing stones at the people who were participating in the religious activity. There were children, families, older adults,” he indicated.

After calling witnesses, Carabineros personnel went to the scene.

What should have been a peaceful celebration became a dangerous situation, which led the San Luis Parish to make the decision to suspend all religious activities that were scheduled.

“Our concern is that this event is not isolated, because similar situations had already occurred before. The authority has been informed, it draws our attention that with the information collected, these individuals are once again generating problems in the neighborhood,” said the president of the Neighborhood Board.

In this sense, Espinoza added that “events such as what happened on Saturday cause the loss of the use of public spaces that has been so emphasized by the authority that must be recovered.”


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